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**Please note:  We DO have ammunition for all of our classes.  If you register for a class, we have ammo to purchase onsite that will satisfy the round count for all curriculum.**

Firearm training is fundamental to the safety of yourself and others if you are making the decision to purchase a gun or already own one.  Not only will you learn how to use your firearm safely and correctly, but you will also learn the importance of self-defense mindset and control.  

At Bristlecone, we believe in ongoing learning and discipline and offer a large collection of classes to ensure our students get the best education and experience possible.  

Our students range in shooting skills and gun literacy, some types of students include:

  • New gun owners
  • Those wanting a concealed carry firearm permit
  • Military and law enforcement
  • Those involved in self-defense courses
  • Those interested in ongoing gun safety measures
  • Those who haven’t used their firearm recently and want to regain confidence 
  • Those hoping to sharpen their shooting skills 
  • Gun enthusiasts 
  • And, many more

Our experienced educators are well-versed in all types of handgun, rifle and shotgun training and our shooting center caters to all looking to become responsible gun owners and users.  

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Private Lesson and Group Lesson Options 

We hope that all students feel comfortable and confident in their decision to join a firearms course at our Denver shooting center.  For this reason our shooting center offers a great selection of classes for all levels.  Our students can enjoy learning from our experienced team with their peers, with a group of friends, or privately, one-on-one.  

We provide first-rate firearm training classes for all skill levels at competitive pricing.

Specialty Firearm Courses

Bristlecone offers a variety of general firearm courses at our shooting center, but our specialty courses give our students an unparalleled, one-of-a-kind experience.

Bristlecone Concealed Carry

This Concealed Carry course exceeds Colorado’s requirements for a concealed handgun permit and is designed to educate the students on which handguns are best for concealed carry, how to carry them safely and securely, and how to deploy them efficiently in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident. This course introduces shooters to the core basics of the Defensive Shooting Program, as well as aspects of handgun ownership and other basic information geared toward the handgun owner.  Based on science, logic and reasoning this conceptual course will cover basic pistol handling, holster selection, alternative force options and interacting with law enforcement and the aftermath of an incident. Skills learned in the classroom will be reinforced in the live fire range time.

Concealed Carry II 

Our Concealed Carry II course is a great next step that will teach you practical skills that every permit holder should have. Learn different practice philosophies, such as:

  • What you can expect from different common malfunctions
  • Cleaning and maintenance schedules
  • Gear considerations and more in the classroom
  • Spend some time on the range learning and practicing practical drills that you can take with you beyond this course. 

These are all perishable skills. Make sure that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to continue your practice and be a safe, responsible and effective CCW holder.

Intro to USPSA Competitive Shooting

Our Intro to USPSA course is designed to educate shooters with the knowledge and mindset to begin participating in USPSA matches. Topics are centered around:

  • USPSA competition, including basic match structure and rules
  • Safety protocols for both indoor and outdoor matches
  • Official range commands, targets, scoring, power factor, and equipment
  • USPSA divisions and classifications

Participants will be evaluated for safe, competition-level gun handling skills and will run through several drills on our Ti Training Virtual Simulator.

Upon successful demonstration of the required safe gun handling skills, including holster proficiency, participants will receive a USPSA safety card, enabling them to shoot their first match. Participants must demonstrate proficiency with a holster before receiving their safety card. 

Introduction to Low Light 

Most gun encounters happen at night. Our Introduction to Low Light course explores what is needed to shoot in low light or no light situations, using available light or a handheld flashlight. You will have the opportunity to experience shooting with a light system mounted on your weapon during the class if you come prepared with an accessory rail.  

You will also learn:

  • Alternative shooting positions
  • Shooting at a distance
  • How to use a flashlight or cover of darkness to optimal advantage
  • Various types of flashlight holds

Bristlecone Shoot House  – ReACT (Recurrent Armed Combat Training) Sessions 

Did you know that Bristlecone has a Shoot House training environment as a complement to our live fire range? We use Simunition ammunition and equipment, coupled with scenarios customized to your level of training to give students an “as realistic as possible” preview of what their reaction would be when confronted with a variety of threats. 

If you want more information about whether the Bristlecone Shoot House is right for you, feel free to talk to any of our experienced team members.  

For full details on all of our firearm classes or courses, please visit our Training page for more information. 

Ask us about any of our courses for a more precise summary of what to expect and what class will benefit you best by contacting us online or call us at 303-985-0989 to speak with one of our firearm training instructors.