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Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center is happy to provide consignment services to our customers and Members for non-NFA firearms.  Here is what you need to know about the consignment process and purchasing a used firearm at Bristlecone.

  • The Bristlecone Gunsmith and/or Management will evaluate the consignment prospect to determine if Bristlecone will accept the firearm into the consignment program. In the event “high capacity” magazines (greater than 15 rounds) are included with the firearm for sale, Consignor acknowledges that Bristlecone may pin any such magazines to comply with applicable law before the sale of such magazines.  
  • All Consignors must be present at the Bristlecone facility, produce a valid and current Driver’s License, and provide up-to-date contact information in order to initiate a consignment transaction.
  • The Consignor will be solely responsible for determining the starting sale price of the consignment firearm, as well as the minimum acceptable price.  While Bristlecone may advise on the anticipated value of the firearm, in no way shall Bristlecone be responsible for setting or determining the sales price for the consignment firearm. 
  • Bristlecone will display the firearm for 90 days, accepting a commission based on the schedule below which will be deducted from the sale price (before tax) once a sale is completed and the firearm has been legally transferred
    • 15% if sold within 30 days
    • 17.5% if sold between 31 and 60 days   
    • 20% if sold after 60 days
  • Firearms that are not sold within the initial 90-day timeframe will be re-evaluated, and will either be, at the sole discretion of Bristlecone Management (for any reason or no reason at all), returned to Consignee pursuant to this Agreement and any applicable law, or continued to be displayed at a higher commission rate (25%).
  • Bristlecone will endeavor to make payment (via check) to Consignor within 5 business days after the sale. 
  • All consignment firearms returned to Consignor (for any reason) before a sale is made are subject to a $25 transfer/processing fee.  In addition, Consignor will be required to pass any applicable background checks and pay any applicable fees.  In the event Consignor fails such background check or is in any other way disqualified under applicable law from possessing a firearm, the firearm shall become the property of Bristlecone, and may be disposed of at the sole discretion of Bristlecone
  • Bristlecone will make every effort to maintain the original condition of the consignment firearm during its time in Bristlecone’s inventory. Bristlecone uses the same handling standards for all new, used and consignment firearms in the store.  Wear and tear associated with general handling should be expected.  Bristlecone customers will be allowed to test fire consignment firearms using Bristlecone ammunition. Consignor hereby agrees and acknowledges that Bristlecone shall have absolutely no liability or responsibility for any malfunctions of said firearms, nor any damage or injury caused thereby. 
  • All consignment firearm purchases facilitated through Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center are sold “as is” and are final.
  • Consignment firearms are not warranted in any way and are not eligible for Bristlecone’s 30 Day No Regrets Return Policy (valid only on new firearms purchases in-store).