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Firearms Training and Gun Safety Classes in Colorado and the Denver Metro Area

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Firearms Training ColoradoAre you interested in shooting sports but don’t know where or how to begin? Or maybe you want a concealed carry permit to protect yourself and your family? Firearms training and gun safety are fundamental responsibilities of gun ownership. Learning how to safely and efficiently use firearms is necessary to keep one another protected and fully enjoying shooting sports.

At Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center, we’re passionate about training, offering classes and private instruction to teach firearm safety, familiarity, and skill development in a non-intimidating environment for new and advanced shooters.

Our training classes are taught by certified instructors experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about firearms and training techniques in the classroom and on the shooting range. 

From entry-level to intermediate and advanced classes, we strive to educate, engage and challenge students in a fun, friendly and safe setting. Instructors are also available for private individual and couples training, working with shooters at their pace to build their confidence and refine their skills. Training is designed for students of all skills and interest levels, including classes specifically for women and youth. Read on to learn more about Bristlecone’s training offerings.

Why Train At Bristlecone?

Our Philosophy as Denver’s Premier Firearms Training Center

A responsibility of all gun owners, firearm safety is at the core of every Bristlecone training class and our business. We strive to teach our students proper firearm handling, use, and storage to ensure competency on and off the range — because when gun owners practice firearm safety, everyone is safer.

Our Top-Rated Enthusiastic Firearms Instructors

Bristlecone’s instructors are the best in the industry! With military, law enforcement, competitive shooting, and civilian backgrounds, our instructors are well-versed in all types of handguns, rifles, and shotguns to educate students at every level, from basic handling and cleaning to advanced tactics and applications. Yet, despite their training credentials and real-world experience, our instructors remain approachable and share a collective passion for education, striving to make classes fun, informative and enjoyable for everyone.

Our Firearms Training and Gun Safety Curriculum

Curated by our expert instructors, Bristlecone classes are designed to educate and challenge students using up-to-date information and proven training techniques, with an emphasis on why each technique works and applying what we learn in class to practical situations. Whether covering simple or complex topics, our classes provide reliable, comprehensible information in an enjoyable setting.

Our Clean, Safe, and All-Inclusive Environment

At Bristlecone, we’ve worked hard to create a non-intimidating, a-political and all-inclusive environment for our students. From the classroom to the range, our goal is to provide “An Extraordinary Recreational Experience” for shooters of all ages and calibers to bring their shooting skills and proficiency to the next level!

Our Premier Firearms Training Facility

As the premier indoor shooting range, retail store, and training center in the Denver metro area, Bristlecone is one of the nation’s top-rated firearms facilities. Offering 14 climate-controlled indoor shooting lanes, a Shoot House, Virtual Training Simulator, large pro shop, full-service gunsmiths, multiple classrooms, and online education, Bristlecone was built to serve all gun owners. While our facility is open to the public, we also offer a variety of memberships with range, retail, gunsmith and training benefits.

Bristlecone Firearms Training & Gun Safety Classes

**Please note:  We DO have ammunition for all of our classes.  If you register for a class, we have ammo to purchase onsite that will satisfy the round count for all curriculum.**

Bristlecone is proud to offer a large selection of classes, offering students the best education and experience possible. Specific classes are catered to handguns, rifles, shotguns, concealed carry, competitive shooting, and more. 

Interested in training at Bristlecone? Review our course summaries below and register for a class to start your firearm training journey.

View our Training Calendar.

Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center has made gun education a core offering. We believe safety, firearms familiarity, and skills improvement are paramount for every shooting sports enthusiast. Bristlecone has created a non-intimidating environment and invites all levels of sportsmen and sportswomen to participate in our gun safety classes and firearms training for personal defense programs in Denver. Here you will find two training classrooms that include a state-of-the-art virtual training simulator and enough seating to comfortably accommodate up to 70 students.

Our top-rate certified instructors are not only excellent teachers with a passion for shooting sports, but most are also former law enforcement and/or military members. At Bristlecone, you will learn from enthusiastic instructors who have real-life experience to impart. From group classes to private training sessions, our calendar is packed full of gun orientation, safety education, and firearms training designed for all-levels and a variety of interests (look for classes specifically for women, youth, and others).

Below you’ll find detailed class descriptions, but you may also contact us to learn more.

Intro to USPSA Competitive Shooting

INSTRUCTOR BRYAN CLARK. Intro to USPSA competition. 4 Hours, $50. This course is designed to educate shooters with the knowledge and mindset to begin participating in USPSA matches. Topics are centered around USPSA competition, including basic match structure and rules, safety protocols for both indoor and outdoor matches, official range commands, targets, scoring, power factor, equipment, USPSA divisions, and classifications. Participants will be evaluated for safe, competition-level gun handling skills and will run through several drills on our Ti Training Virtual Simulator. Upon successful demonstration of the required safe gun handling skills, including holster proficiency, participants will receive a USPSA safety card, enabling them to shoot their first match. Participants must demonstrate proficiency with a holster before receiving their safety card. Equipment Requirements: Sturdy Belt, Strong side holster, Magazine holder (at least one belt mounted), 2 Magazines, UNLOADED handgun (no loaded guns allowed in the classroom at any time). THIS IS NOT A LIVE FIRE CLASS. Participants must arrive at least 15 minutes early to report to a Range Officer and clear their gun. The RO will provide you with a “cleared” flag.

Intro to USPSA Competitive Shooting


USPSA Practice Course

INSTRUCTOR JIM ROCKWOOD – Pre-requisite: Must have your USPSA Safety Card and have shot at least one USPSA match before registering for this class. You understand the rules for USPSA matches and have had some experience. Now, you’re ready to learn some higher-level strategy and how to improve. Come spend some time with Jim Rockwood, a Certified USPSA RO and currently an “A” Classification Shooter, and get some real world tips, strategies and practice recommendations that will help you improve. 3 hours classroom, 2 hours live fire range. Equipment Requirements: Match pistol and gear 200 rounds ammunition

USPSA Practice Course


Intro to Bowling Pin Shooting

INSTRUCTOR JIM ROCKWOOD Curious as to why our Monday Night Pin Shoots are so popular? Come see for yourself and learn everything you need to know to be able to compete and have a great time! Topics covered will include: Range safety and competition rules, Range commands, Setting up, Drawing, How to practice, Range time and live fire practice, Match etiquette

Intro to Bowling Pin Shooting


Introduction to 3-Gun

This class is taught at Pawnee Sportsmen’s Center in Briggsdale, CO

You must have basic knowledge of all 3 platforms (handgun, modern sporting rifle, shotgun) used in this type of competitive shooting before registering for this class. This 6+ hour course will give you a great introduction to the exciting sport of 3-Gun, one of the fastest growing types of competitive shooting. You will learn about safety, gear selection, efficient stage plans and execution, firearm platform transitions, and basic marksmanship and manipulation, as well as match etiquette . This will be taught in the classroom as well as on the range. Once complete you will have gained the confidence and knowledge to attend your first and/or future matches.

Recommended equipment:

  • Semi-automatic magazine-fed rifle ( .223 /5.56 )
    Semi-Automatic Handgun* ( 9 / 40/45 preferred )
    Semi-automatic or pump action shotgun* ( 12 gauge preferred )
    (2) each Handgun / Rifle magazines
    Sturdy belt (Preferable for competition, available in store for purchase)
    (1-2) Magazine pouches for each handgun and rifle
    1 Shotgun Shell Caddy ( loaners available )
    Layers for Colorado weather
    Eye Protection
    Ear Protection
    Hat suggested
    Water / snacks and sack lunch
    Paper / pen for notes
  • Ammo ( No steel core / cased ammo allowed) this is minimum suggested count
  • Rifle – 200 Rounds (55 grain)
    50 Rounds ( 65 grain or higher )
  • Handgun 200 rounds
  • Shotgun 100 rounds ( 2 ¾ , 1 1/8 oz max, 3 ¼ dram max #9 – #6 only )
    5 slugs ( lead only , low recoil preferred )

*If you need to rent one or more firearms, please contact instructor Cindy Coker at least 1 week prior to the class date
If you have any questions about equipment or the class please contact Cindy at any time

8 hours $150

Intro to Pistol (Women Only and Co-ed)

This Comprehensive Safety Course is designed to give you a solid foundation on which to build as you explore the practical side of handguns. Whether you have never held a gun before, or have done some shooting and want to refine your basic skills, this class will help you start strong and gain confidence in your ability to handle a firearm safely. You will learn: Firearms Safety Rules, Pistol Actions, Ammunition Nomenclature, How to Load and Clear a Pistol, How to Select and Store your Pistol and much more. Classroom and Live Fire Range.

Pre-requisites: None

Recommended equipment:

  • Handgun
  • 50 Rounds of ammunition
  • Hearing and Eye protection

If you don’t have the recommended equipment, we offer equipment rental onsite. Ammunition must be purchased separately. Minimum number of students (3) required to run the class or it may be canceled/ rescheduled.

4 Hours $125

Bristlecone Fundamentals of Home Defense Handgun

The Fundamentals of Home Defense Handgun Course is designed to educate the student about the handguns that are best for personal defense and how to use them efficiently in the context of a home defense scenario. Although this class was designed with those new to firearms in mind, anyone with handgun experience who wants more specific information on handguns in home defense scenarios is welcome to attend. During this 6 hour course, students will be introduced to various home defense handgun options and learn the fundamentals of defensive shooting through classroom and live fire range time. Home defense tactics, safe storage and staging, as well as appropriate law enforcement response and incident aftermath will be covered. Students will have the opportunity to test their skills in the context of a staged home defense scenario on the range at the end of class.

Pre-requisites: None

Recommended equipment:

  • Defensive Handgun (modern striker fire preferred)
  • 100 Rounds of ammunition
  • Hearing and Eye protection
  • Range appropriate clothing (No shorts or open toed shoes). Equipment rental package available for $10. This includes a handgun and magazines. Minimum number of students (3) required to run the class or it may be canceled / rescheduled.

If you don’t have the recommended equipment, we offer equipment rental onsite. Ammunition must be purchased separately. Minimum number of students (3) required to run the class or it may be canceled/ rescheduled.

6-7 Hours $150


Bristlecone Concealed Carry

After completing this course, you will exceed all of the State of Colorado’s requirements to apply for a CCW Permit. This course is designed to educate students about the firearms best for concealed carry, how to carry them safely and securely, and how to use them efficiently in the context of a dynamic critical incident. This six hour course introduces new shooters to some of the core basics of the Defensive Focus® Shooting program, as well as aspects of handgun ownership and other basic information geared towards the new handgun owner. Firearm safety, holster selection, and reloading are also addressed, as well as alternate force options, interacting with law enforcement and the aftermath of an incident.3 hours classroom, 3 hours on the range – including drill and scenario based training in the live fire environment.

Pre-requisites: None
Required equipment:

  • Medium size semi auto pistol (pistols can be rented from Bristlecone, or students may bring their own)
  • Minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Pen and paper for notes.

If you don’t have the recommended equipment, we offer equipment rental onsite. Ammunition must be purchased separately. Minimum number of students (3) required to run the class or it may be canceled/ rescheduled.

5 or 6 Hours $125


CCW Recertification Course

This 3-hour course exceeds Colorado’s requirements for a concealed handgun permit. This course is designed to refamiliarize students with the essentials of concealed carry, defensive mindset, and current applicable Colorado statutes.
This course focuses on safety and the defensive mindset, as well as explores methodology on managing conflict and resolution. Based on science, logic and reasoning, this class will cover pistol handling, alternative force options, interactions with law enforcement, and the aftermath of an incident. Skills learned in the classroom will be reinforced in the live fire range.

Prerequisite: The students must provide a Concealed Handgun Permit (expired or out of state OK) to attend this class.

Required Equipment:

  • Defensive Handgun (modern striker fire preferred)
  • 2 magazines, 100-150 Rounds of ammunition
  • Hearing and Eye protection
  • Range appropriate clothing (No shorts or open toed shoes).

3 Hours $99


Bristlecone Shoot House Classes

Tired of training on a static range? Check out what Bristlecone is doing to incorporate cutting edge Scenario Based Training techniques to bring you the best possible training opportunities in the Denver Metro area.

Bristlecone Scenario Based Training and the Bristlecone Shoot House – ReACT Training Sessions

What is Scenario Based Training?

Scenario Based Training is the latest firearms training technique available at the civilian level. Emotionally charged and realistic scenarios are used to test and evaluate how students deal with rapid information processing and decision making with a firearm under stress. At Bristlecone, we use Simunitions (need trademark symbol)-converted live firearms and corresponding ammunition, protective gear, holsters and other environment specific aids to give students a safe and realistic experience. Students will get a practical sense of their response to concealed carry situations when their adrenalin is high and they are required to call upon their previous training to respond.

What is a Shoot House?

The Bristlecone Shoot House is a 360 (degree sign) environment designed specifically for Scenario Based Training with realistic live Simunition firearms and ammunition. It gives students an opportunity to hone their skills in a venue that approaches real world conditions. The Bristlecone Shoot House has moveable walls, furniture and appliances that can be arranged to create a number of scenarios for students to participate in.

In addition to the Shoot House environment, our Scenario Based Training also incorporates our Ti Virtual Simulator. The Ti Virtual Simulator is a state of the art training tool in which realistic scenarios are presented to the student to test and evaluate their responses and reactions in a digital environment.

With the Scenario Based Training in the Shoot House and in the Ti Virtual Simulator, the students are debriefed directly following each scenario, giving them an opportunity to discuss their responses and reactions with the instructor while the experience is still top of mind.

We are incorporating Scenario Based Training and the Shoot House in to some of our CCW classes, as well as offering scenario only classes. Take a look at training our calendar here for upcoming training opportunities.

What our students say:

“I was part of the reality based training scenario day in early February, 2017 and can honestly say that anyone who carries a gun for personal protection NEEDS to take this class. The class is exactly what is says, you are placed in any number of situations where you need to react as you would in a real world situation. The situations we were placed in definitely got the pulse beating a bit quicker and the adrenaline pumping and you are guaranteed to forget you are in a training scenario. Everything needed to find out how you react when push comes to shove.”

“I originally signed up for the Women’s Only CCW class but was offered the opportunity to sign up for the pilot class for the CCW Reality-Based training. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this class, however it exceeded any expectations I had. Not only was it educational, but it was fun and taught by a great team of instructors.

The class was great for shooters with all levels of experience. Being a novice shooter, I was apprehensive at first. However, the class was far from intimidating, and the instructors ensured that everyone was comfortable. The Reality-Based training allowed for me to help reinforce the theories learned in class.

I encourage women who are looking for a great class to learn how to shoot and want to obtain their CCW to sign up for this class. I took Women’s Intro to Pistol before this class and I recommend that class too. Thank you Bristlecone for your awesome instructors!”


Concealed Carry II

So you’ve got your CCW permit. What now? This course is a great next step that will teach you practical skills that every permit holder should have. Learn different practice philosophies, what you can expect from different common malfunctions, cleaning and maintenance schedules, gear considerations and more in the classroom, and then spend some time on the range learning and practicing practical drills that you can take with you beyond this course. These are all perishable skills. Make sure that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to continue your practice and be a safe, responsible and effective CCW holder.

Required equipment: Handgun (semi-automatic preferred), strong side outside the waistband holster, sturdy belt, 150 rounds ammunition, range appropriate clothing.

Pre-requisites: None
Recommended Equipment:
    • Defensive handgun
    • 150 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye/ear protection
If you don’t have the recommended equipment, we offer equipment rental onsite. Ammunition must be purchased separately. Minimum number of students (3) required to run the class or it may be canceled/ rescheduled.
4 hours $135

Utah Non-Resident CCW

A Utah Concealed Firearm Permit gives you 36 states of reciprocity compared to Colorado’s 33. This class adheres to the minimum training curriculum set forth by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification to qualify you to apply for a Non-Resident Concealed Firearm Permit. This course will only cover the Utah minimum curriculum and does not cover any other states.

The following MUST be brought to this class (no exceptions): A valid Colorado Drivers License with your current address printed on the front, a valid Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit Card, a current passport photo, a FD-258 fingerprint card with your fingerprints printed on them (one resource for this is Colorado Fingerprinting for a fee of $15) and $63.25 in the form of credit/debit card or check made payable to Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. All of the above listed prerequisites must be brought to class. The instructor will submit your application to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification as long as all course requirements and prerequisites are met.

No range time, classroom only.

3 hours $80

Basic Pistol Cleaning

Comprehensive cleaning kit included in the price of the class. Taking your handgun apart and cleaning it can be an intimidating process. Do you know the best materials to use during your cleaning session and how often your modern defensive handgun should be cleaned? Join Drew Serna, Bristlecone’s Head Gunsmith, as he gives you expert advise on how to care for and maintain your firearm to ensure optimal performance.

This class will cover the following:
• How to field strip and clean your modern defensive handgun (we define “modern” as manufactured in the last 20 years)
• How to re-assemble your defensive handgun
• Tricks of the trade for easy manipulation
• How to perform function checks
• Appropriate cleaning products
• Maintenance schedule

What you need to bring:
• Your modern defensive handgun that’s ready to be cleaned (limit 2/person)

After the class, you’ll have a useful new skill set and a clean gun! Please note: There is no ammunition of any kind allowed in the classroom during this course. All participants must visit the Bristlecone range counter, before going to the classroom and prior to the class start time, to have their handguns cleared by a member of the Bristlecone staff.


Tac Pistol 1, 2, 3 and 4

This is a series of down range handgun classes meant for intermediate students. The class will progress from basic holster dray and move-and-shoot drills through low light training during the series of 4 classes. Each class is 3-4 hours long and takes place 100% in the range.


Bristlecone Intro to Pistol or Concealed Carry class completed.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Semi-automatic Handgun
  • Holster (inside or outside waistband, appendix or strong side)
  • Magazine, ammunition and light requirements vary in the later courses. See our training calendar for specific details and registration.

3-4 hours, starting at $150

Youth Pistol Level 1 and 2

When kids start asking questions, it is the time to start teaching them about firearm safety. By allowing them to learn in a fun and safe environment, kids will learn to appreciate safety, care, and explore the fun aspects of shooting. This series of 2 hour classes teaches the fundamentals of pistol shooting and allows young shooters to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities!

• All shooters welcome!
• Shooters under 10 years of age need to contact the Instructors prior to class.

• Rimfire Pistol Rental and Ammo Included!
• Eye and Ear Protection Included!
• Please wear appropriate range clothing (No shorts, low-cut shirts, or open-toed shoes)
• A positive attitude, ready to make some noise!

2 hours, $65

Free Firearms Safety Seminar

This is a 1 hour Free seminar on general firearms safety, handling, storage and range etiquette. If you are a new firearm owner, need a brief refresher, or even if you don’t own any firearms, this will be an hour that will benefit you and your family. Preregistration requested
1 hour FREE

This is a general firearms course during which students will be learning about how to safely handle Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, and Muzzleloaders. This class is geared towards beginner shooters of all ages (10 and up) with limited to no experience with firearms handling. Skills learned in the classroom will be reinforced in the live fire range time session that is included in the class. You will gain a fundamental understanding of the different types of firearms, as well as respect for safety, operations of various actions, safe storage options, and basics of ballistics.



Recommended equipment:

  • Eye and Hearing protection
  • Range appropriate clothing
  • .22 lr rifle, 100 rounds of 22 Long Rifle ammunition. If you don’t have the recommended equipment, we offer rental equipment onsite. Ammunition must be purchased at our facility for any firearm rentals.

3-4 hours $80 for the 1st adult in the family, $30 for each youth, senior and any additional adults attending

Intro to AR Platform

This comprehensive course is designed to lay the groundwork for basic rifle handling, ammunition, selecting and storing a rifle and most importantly, rifle safety. Skills learned in the classroom will be reinforced in the live fire range time session included in this class. Whether you have never held a rifle before or have experience and want to refine your basic skills, this class will help you start and gain confidence in your ability to handle them safely.

Pre-requisites: None

Required equipment:

  • Rifle
  • 50 Rounds of ammunition
  • Hearing and Eye protection

4 hours $135

Tac Rifle 1,2,3 and 4

These classes are an appropriate next step after a student has taken the Intro to AR Platform at Bristlecone. Students need to have a basic understanding of the AR or AK platform (any semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifle) before registering for these intermediate classes, as the fundamental nomenclature and general operation will not be addressed. These classes are taught mostly in the live-fire range and are focused on down range drills.


Intro to AR

Recommended equipment:

  • Semi-automatic magazine-fed rifle (rental package available for $15)
  • Ammo and additional equipment requirement vary by session. Please see our training calendar for details and registration.

3-4 hours $125

Intro to Shotgun

This is a comprehensive course that is designed to lay the groundwork on basic shotgun handling, ammunition, selecting and storing a shotgun, various shotgun sports, and most importantly, shotgun safety. Skills learned in the classroom will be reinforced in the live-fire range time session included in this class. Whether you have never held a gun before or have experience and want to refine your basic skills, this class will help you start and gain confidence in your ability to handle firearms safely.



Recommended equipment:

  • Shotguns and Ammunition are included in the class price.
  • Bring Hearing and Eye protection. If you don’t have the recommended equipment, we offer equipment rental on site.
  • Please wear range appropriate attire – no low-cut shirts or open-toed shoes are allowed.

4 hours $135

Defensive Shotgun

This course is designed to educate students on which shotguns are best suited for home defense, as well as how to choose proper ammunition, store securely, and make considerations for storage versus staging. This class focuses on home defense and both intermediate and more experienced shooters will benefit from the information. Skills learned in the classroom will be reinforced in the live-fire range time session that is included in this class.


Students must have taken an Intro to Shotgun Class or must speak directly to Filipp prior to registering.

Required equipment:

  • Semi-Automatic or Pump/ Slide Action shotgun
  • 50 rounds of #8 or #7.5 birdshot, 20 rounds of Buckshot, 10 rounds of slugs
  • Method of Shotshell Carry (Side Saddle, Jacket pockets are acceptable for this class.)
  • Please wear range appropriate attire – no low-cut shirts or open-toed shoes are allowed.

4 hours $135

Private Instruction

Our very knowledgeable and certified instructors can take you anywhere you want to go. From basic marksmanship, gun handling and maintenance to extreme drills or even building your own AR. Our Private Instruction is completely customizable.

1 person, 1 hour $100 2 people, 1 hour $150 3 people, 1 hour $200

Casualty Care

Casualty Care is based on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) that has been in use for over a decade. This course is designed for anyone who shoots, from Law Enforcement to weekend recreational shooters. No medical certification, experience or licensure required.


  • TCCC History
  • Preventable Combat Death
  • Tourniquets
  • Hemostatic Agents
  • Chest Seals
  • Equipment for your IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)
  • Hands On with Simulators

4 hours $80


Virtual Training Simulator

One of the most exciting training features in our facility! Are you looking to take your marksmanship skills to the next level? Or are you curious about the shooting sports and want to experience shooting a real gun, but in a non live-fire setting? Our system can accommodate a wide variety of scenarios and sport shooting levels.

Hunter Safety Classes

These classes are offered as a public service in conjunction with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Please visit their website for more details and a list of scheduled classes.

Situational Awareness For Everyone (S.A.F.E.)

1 Second… Just one more second of time to react… Often this can mean the difference between life and death when the unthinkable happens. Learn the one thing you can do every day to stay safe and how to be an active participant in your own safety and security when you enroll in a Situational Awareness For Everyone (S.A.F.E.) course.

Situational Awareness For Everyone (S.A.F.E.)



Class Cancellations

Students unable to attend an upcoming class should notify Bristlecone as soon as possible either in-person, by email (, or by phone at (303) 985-0989, Press 2. Before canceling, please review our cancelation policy below:

Bristlecone Cancelation Policy

NOTICE: Students positive for or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are not subject to cancellation fees and are encouraged to reschedule to a future class at least three (3) weeks out.

  • Class cancellations received more than 72 hours prior to a class start time are eligible for a refund or free transfer to another class within a 3-month period. Refunds can be made in-store or over the phone.
  • Cancellations received within 24-72 hours of a class start time are not eligible for a refund, however, they are eligible for a one-time class transfer with a $25 rescheduling fee.
  • Cancellations, including weather-related, received less than 24 hours prior to a class start time or a “no call, no show” for any reason are not eligible for a refund or class transfer.

Instructor and range time are reserved based on anticipated class registration. A minimum of three (3) students are required to run a class. Late cancellations may affect our ability to run a class and result in other students being rescheduled.

Bristlecone reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes at any time. If classes are canceled or rescheduled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, students are entitled to a full refund. Students will be notified of class cancellations or rescheduling by email using the email address provided during registration. Bristlecone is not responsible for any travel fees or expenses incurred related to class cancellations.

Go to our Training Calendar for Schedules and Registration