Why train at Bristlecone?

At Bristlecone, we’ve worked hard to create a non-intimidating, a-political, and all-inclusive environment for our students. From the classroom to the range, our goal is to provide “An Extraordinary Recreational Experience” for shooters of all ages and calibers to bring their shooting skills and proficiency to the next level!

The responsibility of all gun owners – firearm safety – is at the core of every Bristlecone training class and our business. We strive to teach our students proper firearm handling, use, and storage to ensure competency on and off the range — because when gun owners practice firearm safety, everyone is safer.

As the premier indoor shooting rangeretail store, and training center in the Denver metro area, Bristlecone is one of the nation’s top-rated firearms facilities. While our facility is open to the public, we also offer a variety of memberships with range, retail, gunsmith and training benefits!

Training opportunities we provide

Here at Bristlecone, we provide many outlets for students to train with various firearm platforms! From entry-level to intermediate and advanced classes, we strive to educate, engage and challenge students in a fun, friendly and safe setting. From group classes to private training sessions, our calendar is packed full of gun orientation, safety education, and firearms training designed for all-levels and a variety of interests. Whether you’ve never handled a firearm before, or want to take your firearm training to the next level, we’ve got you covered!

Learn more about the classes we offer or check out our training schedule and come train with us!

Facility info

Our facility contains multiple spaces that exceed students’ needs and provide an all-inclusive environment fit for professional instruction! Check out what our facility can provide you during your training journey:

14 climate-controlled indoor lanes
in our 25-yard live-fire range

Shoot House simunition
training environment


Ti Labs Virtual
Shooting Simulator


Unquestionably awesome range and retail shop! I got a membership earlier this year and it's been worth every penny and then some. Between the member benefits and service level you can't go wrong! The training is also top notch. We can't wait to go back for more!

Matt K.


I love Bristlecone! Always a pleasant experience, staff is friendly and the range is always clean. I've taken several training classes and by far Steve H has been the most thorough instructor that I've had. I really appreciate his solid and well explained advice.

Randy R.


Bristlecone makes you feel welcome right when you walk in the door! They all were extremely professional, caring, compassionate, patient and each had years of experience. The safety, professionalism and knowledge that Bristlecone offers can not be beat!!!

Lisa W.

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