Frequently Asked Questions

By clicking here, you can see all of our amazing classes on our calendar, find the class you’d like to take, and click “Book Now”! It will ask for your basic information and collect payment to secure your registration.

Check out all of our stellar classes here! We offer such a wide variety of classes from beginner pistol all the way to shoot house scenario-based training! We provide students the opportunity to learn about pistols, rifles, shotguns, competition, casualty care and rescue, and more!

Cancelations must be made in writing ( or by phone at 303-985-0989.

Student substitutions can be made at any time.

Cancelations received more than 72 hours prior to the class – students will be eligible for a full refund or reschedule to another class (moving the participant(s) to another class within a three-month period).

Cancelations received within the 24 to 72-hour window prior to the class – students will not be eligible for a refund, but will be eligible for a one-time reschedule (moving the participant(s) to another class within a three-month period), for a $25 rescheduling fee.

Cancelations received less than 24 hours prior to the class or failure to attend the class – students will not receive a refund, nor will they be eligible for rescheduling.  This includes weather-related, last-minute cancelations.

Students should understand that instructors and range time are reserved predicated upon class participation. Bristlecone reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes at any time.  If classes are canceled or rescheduled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, you are entitled to a full refund.  If a class is canceled, you will be notified via the email address you provided during registration. Please make sure we have up to date contact information prior to attending the class.  Bristlecone is not responsible for any travel fees or expenses incurred related to your registration if a class is canceled. Students are responsible for their transportation to and from the facility. 

We offer smaller class sizes to ensure students get the individual attention they deserve! The majority of our classes have a maximum of 6 to 8 participants. Depending on the class, you may see a maximum of 10 to 12 students as well.

Depending on the class, we absolutely offer rentals! Our rentals vary in price so feel free to reach out for more information regarding the class you’re about to take! 

For some classes, we request that students needing a rental notify us a couple of days in advance so we can pass that information along to your instructor. For our Intro to Pistol, Concealed Carry, and Youth classes, there is no need to reserve your rental in advance. Simply let your instructor know when you arrive on the day of the class! 

For the majority of our classes we have ammo you can purchase for the class. We can accommodate a wide variety of common pistol and rifle calibers as well as common shotgun gauges. If you are unsure if we have the caliber you need, feel free to give us a call 303-985-0989 and we’re happy to help! 

You can absolutely buy it the day of. Please notify your instructor when you arrive for the class and they will take care of you! 

For our beginner classes ( Intro to Pistol, Concealed Carry for Beginners, Youth classes, etc), we can provide eye and ear protection free of charge. For our intermediate to advanced classes, we suggest obtaining that gear prior to class so you can come fully prepared! 

In order to secure your registration in our system, students must pay upon registration. Students may do this on our website, over the phone 303-985-0989, or in person!

Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of shooting sports! We are so excited you chose Bristlecone to start your training journey.

Depending on the platform you’d like to train with, we suggest our Intro to Pistol (offered in Women’s Only and co-ed), Intro to Rifle, or Intro to Shotgun classes! Our Intro to Pistol is easily our most popular class as it gives you a great foundation and gives you the confidence you need to be competent and comfortable with your firearm. 

Want to learn how to shoot a pistol but aren’t ready to go into the range quite yet? We have a Basic Firearm Safety class that teaches about firearm safety and uses our Virtual Shooting Simulator! Find out more about our simulator here and register for this class here

Not only do our lovely class descriptions help guide students in understanding what each class covers, our Pinecone Rating System helps guide students too! The Pinecone Rating System gives students an idea of what level each class is rated at and if they’re ready to participate. 

Still unsure if the class you want to take is right for you? Reach out to us! We have a huge passion for helping people receive the training that is right for them. Feel free to email us at and we’re happy to help.

Want personalized one-on-one training to fit your comfort levels and training needs? Our fabulous instructors can work with you individually to help you progress at your own rate! 

  • 1 person, $100 per hour
  • 2 people, $150 per hour
  • 3 people, $200 per hour
  • Gunsmith Rate: 1 person, $150 per hour

Have a group of people that want to take a class together? We offer private classes as well! Email to inquire about a private class.

Ready to get started with your personalized training journey? Fill out the form below to get started!

Private Instruction

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**Please note we may suggest a class instead of a private lesson if one of our established curriculums matches your goals.**(Required)

Whenever entering the facility with a firearm, please transport it unloaded and in a case that is separate from your ammo, accessories, and eye and ear protection. 

Please also note we do not allow open carrying in the store!

While we don’t have a waitlist program, we are happy to help students whenever we can. If you see a class you’re dying to take and it’s full (or if your schedule is pretty tight), reach out to us at and we’ll help you out the best we can! 

While we can’t guarantee you’ll get in the class if it’s full, we’ll keep an eye on it to see if we can get you registered. 

We have a couple of training opportunities that can help guide you during your first firearm purchase! Not only do we periodically offer Pistol Speed Dating sessions (where you get to try different firearms and calibers), our instructors can help you find your gun during a private lesson! 

Our amazing retail staff is yet another resource we offer students as they are a wealth of knowledge and can ensure you find what’s right for you. Stop by the shop and find a firearm that you’ll fall in love with! 

You bet we do! We are very passionate about our Youth Training Program and love working with kids! Our Youth Training Program offers a variety of classes focusing on pistols, rifles, shotguns, and competitive shooting! They will learn about firearm safety, basic shooting fundamentals, ammunition, and more during the classroom and live-fire range portions! 

Feel free to reach out to our Youth Training Program Coordinator to discuss training opportunities for your kiddo! 

Rachel Gawlikowski:

Most of our classes do not have an age restriction! However, here are a few examples of age restrictions and recommendations:

  • Concealed Carry: We have had students as young as 17 years old take our Concealed Carry classes with parent/legal guardian consent and instructor approval. While we suggest students be at least 21 years of age, a student may take the class if they are younger than 21. However, they won’t be able to receive their permit until they are 21 years old per state law. 
  • Youth Training Program: The Youth Training Program allows ages 10 to 17 years old. We at Bristlecone want to ensure the youth student has a mature mindset in understanding safety with firearms. 
  • ReACT, Home Defense, etc: Students should be at least 18 years old to participate in these classes as portions of the class can be slightly graphic due to the nature of the curriculum. 

If you have a question regarding the age of a student and the class they wish to take, feel free to email!

Unfortunately, our website does not support gift card transactions at this time. Believe us, we’ve tried to make it happen! However, we still want to help! Give us a call 303-985-0989 or email and we’ll get it taken care of!

The answer will be different and unique to each person as it depends on your goals and current experience! Check out our Pinecone Rating System, and class calendar to see where you’d like to take your training! 

We’re also happy to help guide you on your journey so reach out to us! We always love seeing how students progress as they continue taking classes at Bristlecone, so come talk to us!

The best and easiest way to figure out when a specific instructor teaches a class is to call us 303-985-0989 or email and we can help you find a class with the instructor you’re asking for!

As Concealed Carry is an intermediate class, we highly suggest taking Intro to Pistol first (especially if you have limited to no experience with pistols). We want to make sure you’re comfortable, confident, and prepared to take an intermediate-level class, so check out all prerequisites prior to registering for any class!

Yes you can have a discount since you’re doing an awesome job of researching. Gold star to you! Use the coupon code FAQ10 when you register online and get $10 off of that class! If you’d like to use this code in person or over the phone, please notify the staff that you’d like to use it and they’ll be happy to assist! 

**Coupon is only valid for classes $75 or more and cannot be used in conjunction with member discounts, other promo codes, or seasonal promotions.**