New! Bristlecone Class Difficulty Rating System

Are you excited to train with us but unsure of which class level to start with? We’ve made it easy for you to decide which classes are most suitable for your current training level! Here at Bristlecone, we’ve implemented a class rating system (using pinecones) to help guide you in your training journey. 


Our classes rated with 1 pinecone are designed for beginner shooters with little to no experience and focus on fundamentals, operations, and gaining confidence with firearms (or other skill sets). Some of these classes do not include live-fire while the rest do on our state-of-the-art range! Examples of 1 pinecone classes include Intro to Pistol, Intro to AR Platform, and Basic Shotgun Cleaning. All levels are welcome in our entry level classes! 


Classes that include a 2 pinecone rating are for shooters who are comfortable with some basic firearm skills but wish to polish them or learn extensions of those skills. Our Concealed Carry, Tactical Rifle 1, and Long Distance Shooting Fundamentals classes are examples of what we offer in our 2 pinecone level! Some level 2 classes have prerequisites so be sure to read them before registering!


Classes with a 3 pinecone rating are for shooters who are confident and competent with handling their firearms in a safe and efficient manner. These intermediate to advanced classes take shooters to the next level and most of these classes include downrange live-fire drills! Our Concealed Carry II, Youth USPSA Camp, and ReACT Shoot House classes are included within the 3 pinecone level. Most level 3 classes have prerequisites so please take note of them before registering!


Moving onto 4 pinecone level classes, these classes are for shooters who are looking to be challenged and pushed outside of their comfort zone. These classes teach advanced skills designed to create efficient and skilled shooters. Tactical Rifle 3, Downrange Shotgun Practical, and Tactical Pistol 2 are classes with a 4 pinecone rating. All level 4 classes have prerequisites so ensure you are cleared before you register!


Our most advanced classes are designed for shooters who are ready to add more stress to their drills with the goal of becoming more proficient with their firearm under pressure and require exceptional firearms handling skills. Tactical Rifle 4: Low Light, Tactical Pistol 3, and Advanced Shotgun are awesome advanced classes within level 5. All level 5 classes have prerequisites so ensure you are cleared before you register!

Now you’re able to distinguish if you’re ready for the class you’ve been dying to take! If you are, be ready to sign up to get training! If you aren’t, let’s get you ready by calling the store at 303-985-0989 or registering for prerequisite classes by clicking here!