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Gunsmith Tip of the Week 5/15/24

If you carry a gun everyday, is that enough?   Here’s what our Head Gunsmith, Andrew, says about preparedness: “In my opinion just carrying a firearm with you daily is not enough, you need training and the proper gear. And I don’t just mean your CCW license class either. Along with firearms, holster, and defensive […]

May is Here at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center!

Spring is in full swing, and summer is right around the corner! We’re celebrating this change in season with our Summer Memberships (back by popular demand!) and a new service offering that you won’t want to miss. Read all about it and more below and make time to check us out this month.   Bristlecone […]

April is Member Appreciation Month at Bristlecone

It’s our favorite time of the year, when we get to spend all month celebrating and honoring our Members! We truly believe we have the BEST community of Members in the state, and we can’t wait to show you how much we appreciate YOU! Not a Member yet? There is still time to join and […]

Tip #9 From The Gunsmith Shop

HELP! I found a scratch on my gun! So, you found a scratch or wear mark on your firearm. Don’t worry – we can help! For scratches or blemishes on metal: We can refinish just the problem area itself, depending on depth of the scratch or blemish. If the damage is extensive, refinishing the entire […]

March Membership Madness at Bristlecone

It’s March and we’re ready to spend this month gearing up for Member Appreciation Month in April. This is our favorite time of the year – when we get to celebrate our community with amazing Membership deals in March and then a full month of festivities in April, when it’s all about our Members! Here’s […]

Tip #8 From The Gunsmith Shop

I inherited a gun and want to know if it is safe and a good gun for me – can you help?    Just because you inherit a firearm or someone recommends a firearm to you, it doesn’t automatically mean it will be the right firearm for your intended purpose – especially if that intended […]

Tip from the Gunsmith Shop

So you love your new pistol, but something doesn’t feel 100% right when you grip and shoot it….   Here’s what our Head Gunsmith, Andrew, has to say about modifying your grip: “You love your pistol and are happy with your purchase, but something feels off when you are shooting it. Well, let’s talk about […]

We Love Our Members!

It’s February and we’re showing our Members ALL THE LOVE this month! Bristlecone boasts the widest array of Membership choices in the metro area with the best benefits. If you’re not a Member yet, this is a great month to join so you can cash in on all of the extra perks!   Member Only […]

We’re Ready, 2024!

We’re ready for a new year, here at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center! Are you? What are you planning to do this year to make sure that you’re ready to protect yourself, your home, your family? Or what steps are you taking to ensure that you’re ready to enjoy your time on the range […]

Wall Street Journal 12/22/23 – Bristlecone Mention

How Gun Shops Are Helping Prevent Suicide Groups have set up arrangements where people in crisis can get firearms out of their homes By Zusha Elinson Updated Dec. 22, 2023 10:37 am ET After leaving the Navy, Ronell Day struggled. His wide smile disappeared. He fought with his new wife. He cut off contact with […]