Tip from the Gunsmith Shop

So you love your new pistol, but something doesn’t feel 100% right when you grip and shoot it….


Here’s what our Head Gunsmith, Andrew, has to say about modifying your grip:

“You love your pistol and are happy with your purchase, but something feels off when you are shooting it. Well, let’s talk about grip for a minute.

When I say grip, I don’t necessarily mean how you hold onto your pistol but more so how it feels in your hand. The firearm should feel like an extension of your hand. Something that fits naturally; as comfortable as wearing a glove.

Here are some questions that can help begin to diagnose a grip issue:

How does your gun feel in your hand?

Can you comfortably reach all your controls without adjusting your grip?

When your primary hand is holding the firearm, where do your fingers naturally want to go?

When placing your finger on the trigger, you should be using the center of your finger pad instead of barely reaching it, pressing the trigger with the tip of your finger. You might also be overreaching and wrapping your finger around the trigger, which leads to “jerking” the trigger and our muzzle “dipping”.

Your other fingers should wrap around the pistol with just enough room for your support hand to fit in between your fingers and palm.

Your thumbs should point forward at the target and lay flat without inhibiting any of your pistol’s controls.

These are all things we can assess at the Gunsmith Shop, and adjust through aftermarket products and/or treatments to make you more comfortable with your firearm. After we take some measurements and see how you’re naturally gripping your pistol, here are some things we can do:


Depending on the firearm, we can easily change the grip panels on your pistol. If your pistol didn’t come with spare grip panels, then we can do a grip reduction with a custom stipple (an engraved pattern that enhances your grip by creating more friction) designed just for you.

We can undercut your trigger guard and beavertail allowing you to grip higher on the frame which assists in recoil mitigation. The closer we can get the center of our hand to the centerline of the bore, the easier it is to control our recoil.


The options are endless when it comes to customizing your pistol. Our goal when we assess your grip and recommend a modification, is to contour the new grip situation to your hand so that the firearm is more comfortable. Being comfortable and confident with your firearm leads to better accuracy and more fun! Most of today’s modern firearms allow you to change grips; adjusting the angle that you grip your firearm and making it feel smaller or larger in the hand. If your firearm fits your hand like a glove, then you can acquire your sights more efficiently.

No two hands are alike, so let’s transform your factory pistol and make it feel as if it was designed just for you. Whether it’s a quick change of your grip panel or a full grip resizing, we have the tools and skills to help you down your path to an extraordinary shooting experience.”