Tip #8 From The Gunsmith Shop

I inherited a gun and want to know if it is safe and a good gun for me – can you help? 


Just because you inherit a firearm or someone recommends a firearm to you, it doesn’t automatically mean it will be the right firearm for your intended purpose – especially if that intended purpose is personal or home defense. Here’s what our Head Gunsmith, Andrew, has to say:

“So, you got a new firearm from a relative or a good friend made a strong recommendation on what you should purchase. First, we need to establish what your goal is for the firearm as well as your level of experience. Do you own other firearms? What’s your level of firearm training? If you are planning on using the firearm for personal or home defense, then chances are it may not be the right firearm for you. Just because you inherited it or a friend recommended, it doesn’t mean it’s the perfect fit for you.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when deciding to use a firearm for defensive purposes. Number one is safety. Is a firearm that was given to you or that you inherited safe to use? If you bring it to us, we will do a full tear down of the firearm and assess each part to determine if anything needs to be replaced. We will also do a safety check and function check and finally a test fire on the range before determining that a firearm like this is safe to use.

After we determine that a firearm is safe for use, the next step is deciding if it’s a good fit for you as a defensive weapon. Can you effectively manipulate the firearm and its controls? Is it a caliber that offers defensive rounds? Is there manufacturer support for the firearm and aftermarket accessories available for it? Are you accurate with this firearm or do you need to upgrade the sights, change the grip, etc.?

Not all firearms are good for personal or home defense, but a firearm that you can confidently use is better than one that you struggle with.

You can practice your sight to target alignment and recoil mitigation with any firearm at the range but why force yourself to use a firearm that isn’t right for you and your goals as a shooter?

I highly recommend the “try before you buy” method when it comes to firearms. You try on your shoes before you buy them, and you test-drive a car before committing to the payment. So why would purchasing a firearm or owning a firearm for defense be any different? We have a vast assortment of firearms on the range that we rent. This allows you to try a bunch of different firearms and find the one that best fits your needs. And if you inherit something that isn’t a good fit for you, we have a great consignment program to help you find it a home.