VetStore is a secure firearms storage program for Veterans when they need it, where they need it, and in the places they trust.  Bristlecone is a proud participant in the VetStore program by providing a variety of low-cost and free in-home and out-of-home storage options for Veterans.

Some examples of the types of storage options available at Bristlecone are:

In-home Storage Options

  • Safes
  • Lockboxes
  • Trigger locks
  • Cable locks

Out of home Storage Options

  • Lockers (On-site at Bristlecone and free for Veterans)
  • Gunsmith Cleaning Services with required 30-day storage
  • Gunsmith Engraving Services with required 30-day storage

Whether you’re looking for temporary storage because of a move, the kids are visiting, you or a loved one are going through a hard time, you’re seeking general storage solutions for inside or outside of your home, or you’re in need of somewhere to keep a firearm safe for a period of time for personal reasons, please give us a call 303.985.0989 or come in to talk with our knowledgeable staff.  This storage program is not intended to be used for storage needed for legal reasons (ERPO, Court Orders, etc.)

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