Virtual Shooting Simulator

If you are looking for an exceptional and realistic shooting simulator experience in Denver, Bristlecone has exactly what you want!

Whether you’re looking to gain professional, impactful training in a controlled setting, need to work on your firearm safety, hosting a unique gaming event for your employees, or take an engaging course on hunting, the Ti Training Simulator at Bristlecone Shooting Range is a proven and perfect match! This virtual reality simulator can help train those who are brand-new to firearm use, as well as seasoned firearm aficionados.


Ti Outdoors is a facility that uses immersive simulation to help the law enforcement and first responder community train and gain invaluable insights and skills while offering ongoing education.

Bristlecone has enlisted the technology of Ti Training for our own private use so all of our customers have the opportunity to take advantage of this truly dynamic and interactive experience.  We offer over 100 games and action scenarios – wild west shootouts, zombie infestation, real-life cops and robbers, and more! Every user will be fully-immersed in the virtual environment of their choosing and their shots will be scored so that they have a complete understanding of their skill level.


We have customers at every skill level, job position, and walk of life enter our shooting simulator for an adventure they won’t forget! Here is a list of firearm enthusiasts who would benefit from this experience:

  • Law enforcement and first responders
  • Hunters
  • Gamers
  • Those looking for a unique experience
  • Those wanting to learn gun safety and responsibility
  • Those who want a challenge
  • Beginning firearm users
  • Experienced firearm users
  • Those who want to learn how to protect themselves and be prepared in life or death situations

At Bristlecone Shooting, we hope to stimulate growth, experience, and confidence through this advanced Ti technology. Our goal is to make our customers feel as comfortable and safe as possible when responding to unsafe situations where firearms are present.

To make a reservation for your virtual reality shooting and training simulator experience, or for more details on our Ti Outdoors simulation system, call us today!



for 15 minutes

$5 for each
additional shooter


for 30 minutes

$10 for each
additional shooter


for 1 hour 

up to 4

Bristlecone Members receive 10% off simulator pricing. Please call for details on private events.


It is so good to be able to get back to shooting sports. We visited yesterday and the staff couldn’t be nicer. Not just that’s how the Clark’s run their business but everyone truly loves shooting sports and are genuinely welcoming. I left a couple mags on the bench at the back of the range and they called me to let me know. That’s awesome customer service!

Ross R.


I was looking for a “one stop shop” for firearms and learning. This is an excellent location, top notch instructors with lots of experience. I am very impressed with Bristlecone!

Michael Z.


As always, the staff was knowledgeable, amiable, and very helpful. Sales staff was very helpful in selection of a couple of accessories. Good to see inventory on the increase, with great product selection. This was a Father’s Day outing with kids and grandson and Bristlecone made it very pleasurable. Thank you!


Terry B.