Bristlecone Offers Excellent Gunsmithing Services at Competitive Prices 

Bristlecone is Denver’s premier professional gunsmith destination.  We are dedicated to providing top-notch gunsmithing services by certified gunsmith experts.  Keeping quality, safety, and unparalleled customer service at the very forefront of our craft.  

Our two resident gunsmiths are educated and trained in repairing, modifying, or restoring any firearm using ingenuity and intuitive creativity for every specific firearm that comes our way.  We will confidently work on handguns, long guns, and NFA firearms, always promoting open dialogue and constant communication to ensure our customers get exactly what they hope for. 

Our gunsmith shop offers a compelling range of services, including: 

  • Firearm Repair And Routine Maintenance – We will disassemble, clean, safety check, oil, and reassemble any kind of firearm you own.
  • Firearm Restoration – If you are looking to restore a firearm, our Denver gunsmiths will return your gun to you in its original state through meticulous precision and attention to detail.  
  • Firearm Design and Customization – Taking full advantage of our firearm knowledge we will collaborate with you to customize your gun exactly how you want it, specializing in custom textures and finishes, stippling, Cerakote, and more.  Our gunsmiths also offer custom trigger work and sight installation, and custom builds and assembly.
  • Other Gunsmithing Services – Scope mounting, laser bore-sighting, recoil pad installation, re-barreling, and firearm appraisals are offered. 

Call us with any of your Denver area gunsmithing needs.

Our gunsmith hours are 12 PM to 6 PM Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday.

You can reach us at or 303.985.0989 Ext. 104

Hourly labor rate $110

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Shop Rate
(includes machine time, cleaning, repair, and custom work)

$55 minimum

Appraisal and Quote$50
Machine Work1 hour minimum
Test Firing$10
Slide Cut for Optic w/ Installation$225
Sight Installation & Optics on Pistols$55 (1911 style pistols start at $100)
AR-15 Upper Assembly, Handguard Swap, etc (gun specific)$110 – $210
Stipple Work Polymer Frames w/ Grip Reduction (gun specific, see gunsmith for quote)$300
Wood Refinishing Available!See gunsmith for quote


Metal Finishing

Bead Blast and BluingStarts at $150
Polish and Bluing (gun specific)Starts at $200
Scope Mounting$60
Recoil Pad Installation$100 plus pad
Basic Gun Cleaning (field strip and cleaning)Starts at $50



Handgun1st color $150, each additional color $100
Long Gun1st color $200, each additional color $100
AR15 Style1st color $250, each additional color $100
Clear Coat$100 extra
Pearlescent$200 plus base coat (gun and color specific, see gunsmith for quote)

Custom textures and finishes: stippling, cerakote, duracoat.

Contact our expert gunsmiths for a quote