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Bristlecone Scenario Based Tactical Training Shoot House in Denver, Colorado

Tired of training on a static range?  Check out what Bristlecone is doing to incorporate cutting edge Scenario Based Tactical Training techniques to bring you the best possible training opportunities in the Denver Metro area.

Bristlecone Scenario Based Tactical Training and the Bristlecone Shoot House

What is Scenario Based Tactical Training? 

Scenario Based Tactical Training is the latest firearms training technique available at the civilian level.  Emotionally charged and realistic scenarios are used to test and evaluate how students deal with rapid information processing and decision making with a firearm under stress.   At Bristlecone, we use Simunitions (need trademark symbol)-converted live firearms and corresponding ammunition, protective gear, holsters and other environment specific aids to give students a safe and realistic experience.  Students will get a practical sense of their response to concealed carry situations when their adrenalin is high and they are required to call upon their previous training to respond.

What is a Shoot House? 

The Bristlecone Shoot House is a 360° environment designed specifically for Scenario Based Tactical Training with realistic live Simunition firearms and ammunition.  It gives students an opportunity to  hone their skills in a venue that approaches real world conditions.  The Bristlecone Shoot House has moveable walls, furniture and appliances that can be arranged to create a number of scenarios for students to participate in.  

In addition to the Shoot House environment, our Scenario Based Tactical Training also incorporates our Ti Virtual Simulator.  The Ti Virtual Simulator is a state of the art training tool in which realistic scenarios are presented to the student to test and evaluate their responses and reactions in a digital environment.

With the Scenario Based Tactical Training in the Shoot House and in the Ti Virtual Simulator, the students are debriefed directly following each scenario, giving them an opportunity to discuss their responses and reactions with the instructor while the experience is still top of mind. 

We are incorporating Scenario Based Tactical Training and the Shoot House in to some of our CCW classes, as well as offering scenario only classes.  Take a look at training our calendar here for upcoming training opportunities.

What our students say:

“I was part of the reality based training scenario day in early February, 2017 and can honestly say that anyone who carries a gun for personal protection NEEDS to take this class.  The class is exactly what is says, you are placed in any number of situations where you need to react as you would in a real world situation.  The situations we were placed in definitely got the pulse beating a bit quicker and the adrenaline pumping and you are guaranteed to forget you are in a training scenario.  Everything needed to find out how you react when push comes to shove.” ~ February 2017 Student

“I originally signed up for the Women’s Only CCW class but was offered the opportunity to sign up for the pilot class for the CCW Reality-Based training. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this class, however it exceeded any expectations I had. Not only was it educational, but it was fun and taught by a great team of instructors.

The class was great for shooters with all levels of experience. Being a novice shooter, I was apprehensive at first. However, the class was far from intimidating, and the instructors ensured that everyone was comfortable. The Reality-Based training allowed for me to help reinforce the theories learned in class.

I encourage women who are looking for a great class to learn how to shoot and want to obtain their CCW to sign up for this class. I took Women’s Intro to Pistol before this class and I recommend that class too. Thank you Bristlecone for your awesome instructors!”  ~ 2016 Student