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Scenario-Based Tactical and ReACT Training at The Bristlecone Shoot House

Tired of tactical training on a static range? Check out what Bristlecone is doing to incorporate cutting-edge, scenario-based tactical training techniques in order to provide the best possible training opportunities in Colorado and the Denver metro area.

What is Scenario Based Tactical Training and ReACT Training Sessions?

Scenario-Based Tactical Training is the latest firearms training technique available on the civilian level.  Emotionally charged and realistic scenarios are used to test and evaluate how students deal with rapid information processing and decision-making with a firearm under stress.  At Bristlecone, we use Simunitionsconverted live firearms and corresponding ammunition, protective gear, holsters, and other environmentspecific aids to give students a safe and realistic experience.  Students will get a practical sense of their response to concealed carry situations when their adrenaline is high and they are required to call upon their previous training to respond.

ReACT stands for Recurrent Armed Combat Training.  This is what we call the training sessions we offer in our Shoot House Environment.  Each session is an hour and a half long and gives students the opportunity to run through several safe scenarios, receive real-time feedback, and observe their peers via a live video feed. This live feed allows for reliable critiques that foster a legitimate learning experience. You can read more and register here.

What is a Shoot House?

The Bristlecone Shoot House is a 360° environment designed specifically for Scenario-Based Tactical Training with realistic live Simunition firearms and ammunition.  It gives students an opportunity to hone their skills in a venue that approaches real-world conditions.  The Bristlecone Shoot House has movable walls, furniture, and appliances that can be arranged to create a number of scenarios for students to participate in. This creates an adaptable environment, with the flexibility to alter conditions for a new experience every time. 

What is ReACT?  

ReACT provides a safe environment for students to experience a variety of scenarios within the confines of our shoot house using Simunition-enabled real firearms.  

Simunition bullets are similar to paintball bullets, offering low velocity and leaving a mark when contact is made.  This type of training has been used by those in the armed forces and law enforcement agencies for years.  It gives the shooter a realistic experience that differs greatly from static training on a range.

When put in a scenario-based setting, students learn how they will react when their emotions and adrenaline are running high.  

If you think this type of training is too advanced for you, think again. Our highly educated instructors tailor each participant’s scenario to their skill level. Our goal is to give the average joe the tools necessary to stay safe and calm under unimaginable circumstances and stress.

Allow our students to provide more insight into why anyone at any skill level should use our shoot house and ReACT courses to gain invaluable understanding and ability with their firearms in a scenario-based setting: 

“This is a fantastic course! As a concealed carry permit holder, I’ve been looking for something exactly like this for years. Most courses that follow this format are typically expensive and last all day long. This one is very affordable and is the perfect length at about 2 hours long, making it much easier to digest the wealth of information learned. Not only does …the instructor… cover CCW law as it pertains to the state of Colorado, he and his team run each participant through a number of different and realistic shoot and no-shoot scenarios that, heaven forbid, you might someday encounter. This is a non-intimidating course with lots of valuable information tailored to both beginner and advanced shooters.

I was always unsure how I would respond while defending my family or myself in a lethal force encounter. ….I have gained much more confidence and feel more capable to make smart decisions should I ever have to use my weapon.”

  • Jeff S., Bristlecone Member and ReACT Student

To get the most out of our ReACT sessions, we recommend that shooters participate multiple times in the one-and-a-half-hour course.

If you’re wondering if Bristlecone’s Denver Shoot House is right for you, contact us online today or call 303-985-0989. 

Our team can provide you with more information and guide you in the right direction.