March Membership Madness at Bristlecone

It’s March and we’re ready to spend this month gearing up for Member Appreciation Month in April. This is our favorite time of the year – when we get to celebrate our community with amazing Membership deals in March and then a full month of festivities in April, when it’s all about our Members! Here’s what we’ve got on tap…

March Membership Madness

We’re giving you THREE EXTRA GUEST PASSES with any new Membership purchase or renewal in March.  That’s a $60 value and three extra opportunities to share your time on the range with friends and family!  All month this March when you purchase or renew your Membership, you’ll be getting a total of NINE GUEST PASSES!  Now is the time to join so that you can take advantage of all the fun happening in April during our Member Appreciation Month. You can check out all the Member benefits here.


Featured Training Classes

March is a great month to train at Bristlecone. And MEMBERS always get 10% OFF OF OUR CLASSES!  We always have lots of Intro and Concealed Carry classes on our calendar, but here are a few that may pique your interest if you’ve already taken some of our basic classes:


Holster Fundamentals – $75

The holster fundamentals class is designed to get shooters comfortable with their handguns and how to properly and safely draw from the holster! This class covers various types of holsters, materials they are made of, and how to choose the appropriate one for you. Students will practice safe drawing techniques in the classroom before moving to the live-fire range to reinforce skills learned in the classroom. Basic fundamentals and marksmanship are not covered in this class and students should have prior training and experience before registering.

Pistol 2 – $135

Have you taken our Intro to Pistol class and wished for more range time? A lot of students have loved our pistol training so much that we had no choice but to expand it! This 3 hour class is designed to provide students with more time handling and shooting pistols. In this class, students focus on safely handling handguns, getting comfortable with handgun operation and manipulation, trigger control, clearing malfunctions, and one handed shooting (because let’s be honest, nobody practices that enough!) A small portion of the class is spent in the classroom to review concepts learned in the previous class, but the majority of the time will be spent on the range honing skills. This class is also offered in women’s only and coed formats to fit the needs and comfortability of all students!

Tactical Pistol and Rifle Series – $150-$200

We offer 4 Tactical Pistol levels and 3 Tactical Rifle levels to take you from a basic intermediate level to a high intermediate level on each platform. There are pre-requisites for the level 1 class in each series. Read more here.

USPSA Safety Course – $75

The USPSA Safety Course is designed to educate experienced shooters with the knowledge and skills to begin participating in USPSA matches at Bristlecone and around the state/country! Topics covered in the class are centered around USPSA matches themselves such as match structure and rules, safety protocols for indoor and outdoor matches, official range commands, targets, scoring, and more! Students will also be evaluated for their safe gun handling skills and holster draw and will run through multiple drills on our state-of-the-art Ti Training Virtual Simulator! Once students demonstrate proficiency, students will receive their USPSA safety card which allows them to shoot at matches! **This is not a live fire class.**


Read more about all of our classes here.


March Gunsmith Special

Come see our gunsmiths this month and enjoy half off the installation of sights, optics, and red dots when items are purchased at Bristlecone!


Stay Tuned….

….to our social media channels and your email for a special sale announcement at the beginning of the month!


Easter Sunday is March 31st

The Bristlecone facility will be closed in observance of the holiday.