Tip #9 From The Gunsmith Shop

HELP! I found a scratch on my gun!
So, you found a scratch or wear mark on your firearm. Don’t worry – we can help!
For scratches or blemishes on metal:
We can refinish just the problem area itself, depending on depth of the scratch or blemish. If the damage is extensive, refinishing the entire firearm may be the best option, but we will always consult with you about your goals and preferences first. We specialize in several different types of coating and finishes to make your firearm look like new again, or just to add a custom touch.
First, all the metal is meticulously inspected, cleaned, and polished by hand before we begin the refinishing process. We can re-blue any firearm and bring it back towards it’s original finish, or we can give it some added protection with the industry standard in coating and refinishing, Cerakote.
Cerakote is a ceramic based coating that is baked onto the firearm. This type of application allows the coating to penetrate deep into the pores of the metal, offering the optimal amount of protection for years to come. Cerakote has the best corrosion protection of any coating available and has been a staple in the automotive industry for this reason alone. With Cerakote, we can mimic the firearm’s original bluing color or give it a custom color or design. The sky is the limit when it comes to Cerakote!
For wood:
If the firearm in question has a wood stock, we can refinish the wood to make it look like it did the day you first got it. With wood surfaces, we first strip the remaining finish off, and then touch up any damage and fill in defects. Finally, we recoat it by hand and show it as much TLC as you would, if you were completing the project.
Check out some examples of our work on our Gunsmith Shop’s Instagram page BristleconeCustomShop.
Your hunting rifle is probably tired, worn, and beat up from years of feeding the family. Let’s clean up the rust, remove the dings in the stock, and give it the makeover it deserves! Come see us today.