Pinecone Level 1
3 hours

The Basic Firearm Safety course is designed to educate students on basic pistol handling and safety by using our state-of-the-art Training Simulator instead of our live-fire range! Nothing can truly replace live-fire training, but this class is a good first step for individuals who want more time to acclimate to firearm handling before venturing into a live-fire environment. Topics introduced in this class include general firearm safety and handling, ammunition, safe storage, and range etiquette. Skills learned in the classroom will be reinforced during the Training Simulator portion of the class. Whether you have never held a gun before or have limited experience and want to refine your basic skills, this class will help you gain confidence so that you can transition to a live-fire range and additional training! All simulator equipment is provided.

A minimum of 3 students is required to run the class or it may be canceled/rescheduled.