Pinecone Level 2
3 hours

Have you taken our Intro to Pistol class and wished for more range time? A lot of students have loved our pistol training so much that we had no choice but to expand it! This 3 hour class is designed to provide students with more time handling and shooting pistols. In this class, students focus on safely handling handguns, getting comfortable with handgun operation and manipulation, trigger control, clearing malfunctions, and one handed shooting (because let’s be honest, nobody practices that enough!) A small portion of the class is spent in the classroom to review concepts learned in the previous class, but the majority of the time will be spent on the range honing skills. This class is also offered in women’s only and coed formats to fit the needs and comfortability of all students!

Required equipment:

  • Handgun (modern striker-fired preferred)
  • 2 empty magazines
  • 100 rounds of ammunition
  • 2-5 dummy rounds
  • Hearing and eye protection.
  • Range appropriate clothing (crew neck shirt and closed toe shoes).
  • If you don’t already have the recommended equipment, we offer rentals at the facility for a discounted price! Ammunition must be purchased from the facility if you require a handgun rental. Rentals include a handgun and magazines only.


A minimum of 3 students is required to run the class or it may be canceled/rescheduled.