Pinecone Level 5
4 hours

The Tactical Pistol 3 class continues to build upon the previous two courses and is the pinnacle of daylight pistol shooting techniques offered here at Bristlecone! The course focuses on advancement into the realm of tactical shooting and introduces shooting from retention, moving and shooting, multiple target engagements, and coordinating movement with and around a partner. 

Required equipment:

  • Semi-automatic handgun
  • Holster (Dominant side IWB, OWB, or appendix acceptable)
  • 3 magazines
  • 2 magazine carriers
  • 250 rounds of ammunition minimum
  • 5-10 dummy rounds
  • 1 permanent marker
  • 1 small pocket notebook/pen (recommended)
  • Hearing and eye protection
  • Range appropriate clothing (crew neck shirt and closed toe shoes) 


A minimum of 3 students is required to run the class or it may be canceled/rescheduled.