Basic Shotgun Cleaning Class

Pinecone Level 1
2 hours

To schedule this class, please contact us at and let us know what dates and times work best for you (Monday – Saturday).

Taking your shotgun apart and cleaning it can be an intimidating process. Do you know the best materials to use during your cleaning session and how often your modern defensive shotgun should be cleaned? Join Nick DiPirro, Bristlecone’s gunsmith, as he gives you expert advice on how to care for and maintain your firearm to ensure optimal performance.  

This private session will cover the following:

  • How to field strip and clean your modern shotgun 
  • How to re-assemble your shotgun
  • Tricks of the trade for easy manipulation
  • How to perform function checks
  • Appropriate cleaning products
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Comprehensive cleaning kit included in the price of the class.  

Required Materials:

  •  Your modern shotgun that’s ready to be cleaned (limit 2/person)

After the class, you’ll have a useful new skill set and a clean gun!