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“Why I Carry”

Our instructors spend so much time teaching students about the fundamentals of firearms operation and safety, the importance of practice and how to carry with confidence.  So, why do they choose to carry when they’re not at Bristlecone?  We asked some of our instructors this question and here’s what they said: “I carry to protect […]

July at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail in Lakewood, CO

Come in and beat the heat on our climate-controlled range.  Check out the deals in our retail area and Gunsmith shop, or take one of our new classes this summer!  There is something for everyone this month at Bristlecone.     Retail There are new product lines peppered throughout our retail area this summer.  Here are […]

Firearm Inventory June 7th

Looking for something in particular.  These are the firearms we have in stock as of 2PM this afternoon.  You can also take a look at our much larger online inventory at shop.bristleconeshooting.com. Gun Inventory 6-7-20

June at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center in Lakewood, CO

Summer is here at Bristlecone!  Here’s what’s happening in June so you don’t miss a beat… Membership Summer Memberships Our $99 Summer Memberships are in full swing during the month of June.  These Memberships are valid from Memorial Day through Labor Day and give you access to the best benefits we offer for a fraction […]

Firearm Inventory 5-28-20

Wondering what we have in stock before you head in to shop?  Here is a list of inventory as of this afternoon.  If you don’t see something that you’re in the market for, head to shop.bristleconeshooting.com for inventory that ships directely from our distributors.   Gun Inventory 5-28-20

Firearm Inventory 5-20-20

Wondering what we have in stock before you head over?  Here is a list from noon today.  Please email info@bristleconeshooting.com for pricing.  Head to shop.bristleconeshooting.com to find something that’s not on the list!   Gun Inventory 5-20-20

COVID-Modified USPSA Match 5/21

A note from Bryan Clark with details on this week’s match:   Hey gang!  It is almost here!  Our first COVID-modified USPSA Match.  Yay.  Here’s everything you need to know.  I know it’s a really long email, but PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.    As mentioned in prior emails to the ECOUSPSA@googlegroups.com email group, we […]

Firearm Inventory 5-6-2020

Here’s what we have in store today – both new and used.   If you don’t see something you’re looking for, check shop.bristleconeshooting.com.  For pricing information and any of the listed items, please email info@bristleconeshooting.com Gun Inventory 5-6-2020

Gun Inventory 5-1-2020

Here is a list of the firearms we have in the store.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Check out our online inventory at shop.bristleconeshooting.com!   Firearm Inventory 5-1-2020