It’s September at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center in Lakewood, Colorado

Fall is in the air!  We can feel it and we are so excited for this month.  September is full of change and transitions – back to school, a change in season, and new routines for many of us.  We’re keeping things consistent for you at Bristlecone by offering our same great value throughout the facility, no matter what change is happening out there!  From our retail store to the range, Memberships, training classes and gunsmith services – you’re sure to find something fun to get into this month.  Check out the details on our events and happenings below:



Summer Members!  We’ve loved having you as a part of our amazing Membership community over the last few months.  We’re hoping the feeling is mutual and you loved your time at Bristlecone as a Member too!  Don’t forget that if you convert your Summer Membership to a full-access Bristlecone Membership before Labor Day, we’ll apply what you paid for your Summer Membership to your new one.  The fun doesn’t have to end!  Give us a call or come in to take advantage of this great deal before 9/5.


FREE for Members Seminars

This is such a popular Membership perk!  Each seminar is an hour, and they are all facilitated by our wonderful team of firearms instructors.  We’re excited to continue this series in September with the following topics:

Firearm Malfunctions: Recognizing Problems and Common Fixes  9/13 10AM

Tactical Pistol and Rifle Series 9/25 4PM

You can read more about each seminar and register here.  Registration is required for these seminars (even though they are free), so we can make sure we have enough seats and keep the group size at an enjoyable level.


Not a Member yet?  What are you waiting for?  Check out all the different types of Memberships and perks we offer here and then stop by for a tour!


Notable Training Opportunities and Classes

Our Training Calendar is full of classes and drill sessions for shooters of all levels.  From the basics across all three platforms (pistol, rifle, shotgun) through concealed carry to more advanced and competition shooting, there is so much going on!  Certainly, too much to include on a blog that we try to keep brief.  We encourage you to check out all the training opportunities here.  Or, come in and talk to our experienced staff members who can make sure that you get registered for classes that fit your interests and skill level.  We teach Into level and Concealed Carry classes multiple times each week (in women-only and co-ed formats) so you won’t find them called out below, but you’ll see them on our Training Calendar here.  Here are a few notable classes happening this month:

Pistol 2 9/3 10AM, 9/18 (Women’s Only) 10AM, 9/30 7PM $135

Have you taken our Intro to Pistol class and wished for more range time? A lot of students have loved our pistol training so much that we had no choice but to expand it! This 3 hour class is designed to provide students with more time handling and shooting pistols. In this class, students focus on safely handling handguns, getting comfortable with handgun operation and manipulation, trigger control, clearing malfunctions, and one handed shooting (because let’s be honest, nobody practices that enough!) A small portion of the class is spent in the classroom to review concepts learned in the previous class, but the majority of the time will be spent on the range honing skills. This class is also offered in women’s only and coed formats to fit the needs and comfortability of all students!

Legal Seminar: Guilty or Justified – On Trial.  Presented by US Law Shield 9/7 5PM

This event is 2-3 hours long and a qualified attorney will be in attendance.
FREE for U.S. LawShield Members and non-members! You MUST register on the US LawShield website to secure a seat.

This is a participation-based seminar where some attendees will be asked to take part in a home invasion scenario. The participants will have the chance to make multiple decisions as they navigate through this pre-written scene. At the end of the scene, participants will argue why they made their respective choices, along with why they believe their choices are justified under law. The U.S. LawShield® Independent Program Attorney presenting the material will act as a prosecutor and raise counterarguments, confronting components from evidence rules to matching facts with elements of a crime. This is your chance to see how a critical incident could play out in the legal system. Join us at the seminar and educate yourself on home invasion preparedness.

Verbal Judo: Tactical Communication 9/10 10AM $85

Verbal Judo, or Tactical Communications, is the gentle art of persuasion that redirects others behavior with words and generates voluntary compliance. The goal of Verbal Judo is to talk individuals who are hostile or not in complete control of their behavior into voluntary compliance without need of any physical force. Much of Verbal Judo is common sense and strategy that ordinary people use every day in encounters on the job, among friends, or in the family. Not everyone knows how to utilize these communicational skills and Verbal Judo is here to prepare you for those encounters!

Casualty Care: Hemorrhage Control 9/14 5PM $125

If you enjoy shooting sports, it’s important to know what to do in case of an emergency! Casualty Care: Hemorrhage Control is an absolutely necessary class for all firearm shooters and owners! In this class, participants will learn the basic skills needed to respond and care for a person’s injuries and to decrease preventable deaths in a high stress situation. Participants will get hands-on training and the opportunity to get multiple reps in during the course. Be prepared in the case an accident occurs and come learn the necessary information that can help save a life!

FREE Walk-In Instructor on the range (9/13 and 9/27 5PM)

Want some extra training during your next range visit? Come shoot on the range during our free walk-in instructor sessions! With all the new firearm owners in our community, we wanted to provide a stepping stone for live-fire training. If you want some tips on how to continue improving or if you’re not ready to commit to a class, come in and shoot on the range during one of our walk-in instructor sessions this month and our instructor will be happy to help you out!  No registration required.

Youth Training Opportunities

Youth Pistol 1 (9/5 7PM $65) and Youth Pistol 2 (9/24 12PM $75)*

Are your kids interested in shooting? Do you want to pass down an amazing sport to the next generation? Join our Youth Training Program’s classes to teach your kids about firearm safety and shooting fundamentals! The Youth Pistol 1 class (2 hours) is designed to teach kids about firearm safety, pistol shooting fundamentals, ammunition, and how to safely have fun with firearms.  The Youth Pistol 2 class (2 hours) continues to get kids excited about working with firearms and is designed to expand their knowledge of different handgun platforms! In this class, students will get to learn about and shoot handguns of various calibers and action types while improving their fundamentals.

*All ammunition, firearm rentals and eye/ear protection are included in the price.

Youth Shotgun at Colorado Clays (9/10 1PM $75)*

The Youth Shotgun class is designed to teach kids about firearm safety, shotgun shooting fundamentals, ammunition, and how to safely have fun with firearms.  This class is taught at our partner range, Colorado Clays, by a certified Bristlecone Instructor.

*All ammunition, firearm rentals and eye/ear protection are included in the price.

Youth Bowling Pin Camp (Multiple dates, $125)

Camp sessions: September 11th (5-8pm), September 18th (6-8pm), and September 25th (6-8pm)

The Youth Bowling Pins Camp is ready to give kids the opportunity to learn how fun the sport of competitive shooting can be! As a great introduction to shooting sports in a community environment, the Bowling Pins Camp teaches kids how to shoot in a competitive setting that includes shooting downrange under a timer at multiple targets. The camp also gives students the opportunity to socialize with their peers while working with an instructor to improve their skills.




This is just a small sampling of the classes, seminars, and training opportunities on our calendar in September. Take a peek at our full offering here.  And remember, Bristlecone Members get discounts on our classes!  Just another benefit of belonging to our great community.  You can take a peek at the Membership benefits and types here.


Retail Deals

At Bristlecone, we’re committed to bringing you a retail selection full of quality products at extremely competitive prices.  We’re starting to stock up this fall for the busy holiday season, so you’ll see some new things across the store.  As always, you can remain confident that we will keep our prices in-store and on-line at the competitive levels you’re used to!


Stay tuned for TWO special Flash Sales this month!