August is National Shooting Sports Month at Bristlecone!


August is here and we are happy to be celebrating the joy of the shooting sports alongside ranges and retailers all over the country!

People can go target shooting year-round, but the month of August is National Shooting Sports Month— a time for the community of firearms owners to celebrate and enjoy the shooting sports with friends, family, and newcomers they want to introduce to these lifetime activities.  So, grab a friend or family member and bring them to Bristlecone for one of the many events, classes and specials we have planned this month!


NSSF First Shots and Family Training Opportunities

First Shots Classes

You never forget your First Shots! Learn about the sport of target shooting across all three platforms at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center. Take your first leap in to this exciting and educational sport in the non-intimidating, customer service and safety focused environment we provide.  August 8th, 9th and 10th, 7PM.  Register here.

Family Intro to Firearms Course Sponsored by Ruger – $50 August 28th, 1PM

During this class, students will learn how to safely handle Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, and Muzzleloaders. The curriculum is geared towards beginner shooters of all ages (10 and up) with limited to no experience with firearms handling. Classroom and live fire range time included. Students will gain a fundamental understanding of the different types of firearms, as well as respect for safety, operations of various actions, safe storage options, and basics of ballistics.  More details and register here.


Summer Memberships!

These are still going strong with a little over a month left to enjoy the best of the Bristlecone benefits at a big discount!  We’ve got a great sale planned for all of our Members later this month, as well as the opportunity for Summer Members to convert to full-access Memberships before Labor Day.  If you are a Summer Member that decides to move in to a full-access Membership, we’ll apply the full value of your Summer Membership to your new plan.  Can’t beat that deal!


Free for Members Educational Seminars

These are back by popular demand and starting up this month!  These hour-long sessions are run by our amazing certified instructors, and feature a variety of topics relevant to personal and home defense, as well as competitive shooting.  The seminars are free and exclusively for Bristlecone Members (Summer Members included through Labor Day).

Concealed Carry: Biological Responses to Stress

8/28 5PM

Register here to reserve your spot!

What is it like to be in a life threatening situation? What will I feel? How do I overcome the some of the challenges I will experience, like loss of gross motor skills, time dilation, and memory distortion?

As Concealed Carry Permit Holders, defenders of households, and competitive shooters, we face stresses every day. Being able to function through stressful situations is not something people rise to, rather we fall back to the level of our training. If you have asked yourself any of the questions above, come to the Seminar with Steve Hartel, one of our Senior Concealed Carry Instructors and we will cover some of the ways you can train at home and on the range.


New!  Monthly Drill Challenge

Starting in August, we’ll be introducing a new Drill Challenge on the range that test your skills for some prize money.  Come in at your convenience and complete the challenge to win a $25 Bristlecone Gift Card – our range team will be happy to walk you through everything!


Check out this video for more info!