5 Reasons to Shoot Indoors This Winter

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5 Reasons to Shoot Indoors This Winter

Written by Joe Kriz


Whether you’re ready for it or not, winter is here. But that doesn’t mean you have to put down your guns while the snow piles up. Winter is the perfect time to shoot indoors and Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center offers Denver-area gun owners, hunters and firearm enthusiasts 14, 25-yard lanes for shooting pistols, rifles and shotguns.


Don’t believe me? Here are 5 reasons why you should make Bristlecone your second home this winter — and beyond.


#1: Avoid the Elements

Whether you’re a native or recent transplant, there’s no denying Colorado winters are no joke. The combination of high-elevation and low humidity produces single-digit temperatures, harsh winds, freezing rain and heavy snowfall, capable of keeping lips chapped and hands cracked from November to March.


Avoid the pain of windburn and trouble of hand lotion by stepping inside Bristlecone’s climate-controlled indoor shooting range and retail store. Come on in, the shooting is warm!


#2: Close to Home

While Colorado has many outdoor shooting ranges, as well as National Forest access, getting to these ranges — often located an hour or more away — can be difficult if not impossible during winter months. Unpredictable weather (see Reason #1 above) can cause dangerous driving conditions and even shut down entire stretches of highway.


Located in Lakewood, Bristlecone is just a short drive from downtown Denver and the surrounding metro area and easily accessible. If you’re going to go dashing in the snow, why not jingle over to Bristlecone?


#3: Top-Rated Facilities

Rated as a 5-star indoor shooting range by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Bristlecone meets the highest expectations in amenities, shooting sports development, appearance and management.


From our 25-yard tactical and pistol bays with programmed shooting drills to our diverse selection of rental guns to our regularly scheduled bowling pin, USPSA and GSSF competitions, there’s something for new and seasoned shooters alike.


And when done on the range, shooters can also take advantage of our pro shop, stocked with popular guns, ammo and accessories, a full-service gunsmith and a comfortable members lounge. There’s even fresh coffee, hot chocolate and snacks available!


#4: Try Something New

Speaking of rental guns, Bristlecone’s firearm rental fleet features more than 50 handguns, rifles and shotguns from popular manufacturers, including GLOCK, Smith & Wesson, SIG SAUER, Springfield Armory, Taurus and others.


Handguns are available to rent for just $15 (plus the cost of ammo) and can be switched out as many times as you’d like during your range session. Rifles and shotguns are $20, while suppressed firearms are $25. Full auto rentals are also available and vary in pricing (50% off on Fridays).


Make a resolution you can keep this New Year and shoot something new when you rent at Bristlecone!


#5: Safety First

If you’ve ever had a muzzle accidentally pointed at you while on an outdoor range, you know

there’s a fine line between fun and safety. Despite Colorado’s gold rush and pioneer history, this isn’t the Wild West anymore.


At Bristlecone, we take safety seriously. All range safety officers (RSOs) are certified through the NRA and trained to enforce our shooting range rules. If you’ve not shot with us before, you will be given a safety brief before heading onto the range for the first time and at least one RSO will be in the range at all times. When in doubt, adhere to the four basic rules of firearm safety and ask questions.


Shooting safely is fun — let us prove it to you!


If you had any doubts about shooting indoors this winter, I hope you find these reasons enough to give Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center a shot. We hope to see you on the range!

Why Convert Your Summer Membership?

Why Convert Your Summer Membership

Written by Joe Kriz


Can you believe it? Kids are back in school, the sun is setting earlier, and leaves are beginning to turn in the foothills. Summer may be over, but your membership at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center doesn’t have to be!


Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, many of you joined our family as Summer Members, and we’re glad you did! Whether you visited every day or only once, we hope you enjoyed spending your summer with us and invite you to extend your time as a full member this fall and beyond.


Providing shooting range, retail store, gunsmith and firearm training benefits, Bristlecone offers two membership options that individuals, couples, families, law enforcement, military, students, educators—you—can benefit from!


Shooting Range Benefits:

  • Free range use—shoot for free, one hour guaranteed
  • Lane reservations—reserve up to two lanes for two hours, 14 days in advance
  • 50% off rental firearms—more than 50 handguns and rifles available
  • Six (6) guest passes per year—perfect for bringing family, friends and new shooters
  • Free ear and eye protection—great for guests and parties


Retail Store Benefits:

  • 5% off range ammunition—shoot more for less, and save when renting firearms
  • 5% off merchandise—including holsters, cleaning supplies, apparel and more
  • Discounted FFL transfers—buy online and use Bristlecone as your trusted FFL
  • Member-only sales and events—including annual Member Appreciation Day


Gunsmith Benefits:

  • Free firearm safety check once per year—perfect for family heirlooms
  • Free gun cleaning once per year—great for hunting guns and safe queens
  • 15% off gunsmith labor—services include sight installation, trigger jobs and more


Firearm Training Benefits:


Other Bristlecone Benefits:

  • Lakewood Neighborhood Discounts—save at restaurants, on auto services and more
  • Member Lounge access—come early, stay late or simply take a seat and relax


At Bristlecone, you’re more than just another customer—our members are our family. And as family, we greet you by your name, help you find what you need, and share a common bond as firearm owners and enthusiasts.


Memberships are affordable and can be paid monthly or annually. And we’ve never raised our rates!


If you have any questions about Bristlecone memberships, feel free to ask any retail or range associate, or contact our Director of Membership, Jennifer, directly at (303) 985-0989 x114 or