What Makes Our Shooting Range Different?

The Denver metropolitan area has a handful of good indoor shooting ranges, so why should you choose Bristlecone Shooting, Training and Retail Center over the others? Simply put, our indoor shooting range in Denver is designed for a safe, comfortable, and fun shooting experience. Every detail in our indoor shooting range was designed for your benefit. From our advanced ventilation systems to the wide variety of Firearms Training and Gun Safety classes, our indoor shooting range is among Denver’s top tier.


Here are a few of the features at Bristlecone Indoor Shooting Range:


  • We have 14 lanes, each stretching 25 yards where you can shoot handguns, shotguns, and rifles, with many other firearms available for rent.
  • Shooting lanes are separated into two bays, one houses six lanes for pistol shooting practice, and the other bay has eight lanes for tactical shooting practice
    • In the tactical bay, the stalls are equipped with advanced tactical, fully automated, computer-controlled, 360° full turning target retrieval systems
    • Stalls in both bays are separated by clear ballistic glass for safe instructor viewing
  • We offer quick turn, friend/foe, advancing and retreating target systems that are programmable for live courses of fire
  • Our bays have no-light and low light capabilities for advanced tactical training


The best part about our indoor shooting range is that we are non intimidating and very friendly. Whether you’re a recreational shooter, or you’re looking to gain some more advanced weapons skills, Bristlecone is your best choice when it comes to Denver area indoor shooting ranges.

Bristlecone Indoor Shooting Range is not just a place to discharge your firearms, we’re extremely dedicated to educating our customers through our comprehensive Firearms Training and Gun Safety Classes. We offer thirteen different safety and training courses, from Women Only Pistol courses to Casualty Care classes.

Whatever your skill level, from beginner to advanced, we have a course for you. Education is one of our core offerings, and we believe that is paramount to your enjoyment and safety as a sportsman or a sportswoman in Denver. Our two classrooms can comfortably seat up to 70 students in our state-of-the-art virtual training center.  Our top-rate certified instructors are not only excellent and enthusiastic teachers, but most are former law enforcement and/or military members. We offer group classes and private sessions, but no matter which course you choose, you can expect the highest level of instruction and attention from our instructors. Check out our calendar of available classes!

Lastly, we offer exclusive benefits for customers who choose to become members of our indoor shooting range. Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center offers the most membership perks and club amenities, and the widest array of membership options on the west side of Denver. We offer both Lifetime Memberships and Weekday Memberships, allowing you to choose the right type of membership based on your enthusiasm for shooting sports and firearms education.


Some of our Bristlecone Weekday Membership benefits include:

  • Free Range Use – Our members never pay to shoot on our lanes
  • Lane Reservation Privileges
  • 50% Off Firearms Rentals (except full auto and suppressed)
  • Express Range Check Out
  • Free Eye & Ear Protection
  • Access to Member’s Lounge (includes guests while with a member)
  • 5% Off Regularly Priced Merchandise (not including firearms, bulk and personal defense ammunition)
  • 10% Off Classes
  • Discounted Range Ammo
  • Discounted FFL Transfer Fee ($25 plus $6 NICS Fee)
  • 1 Firearm Safety Check, 1 Firearm Cleaning Per Year
  • 6 Guest Passes Per Year
  • Free T-shirt
  • Member Only Sales and Events, Plus Advanced Notice on Select Store-wide Sales
  • Private Locker Rental Opportunities


Our Bristlecone Lifetime Memberships include:

  • Ability to bequeath or transfer the membership 1 time to a qualified individual
  • 1 seat on the Bristlecone Advisory Board
  • Charter Membership Level Discounts; 5% off firearms (not including NFA items), 10% off merchandise (not including bulk and personal defense ammunition), 15% off classes
  • Additional guest passes


Other than our range and gun safety classes in Denver, we also sell firearms, ammunition, accessories, and apparel in our Pro Shop. Lastly, we also offer gunsmithing services with two full time gunsmiths and one apprentice. Our gunsmiths work on handguns, long guns and NFA weapons and take a consultative approach in providing these services. For more information on our gunsmithing services, visit here.

On occasion we do hold indoor shooting events for the Denver area, including seminars and competitions. Please feel free to peruse our calendar, which is indexed by skill level for your convenience.

So, back to our original question: what makes our indoor shooting range the best in the Denver area? At Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center, we provide you with every resource possible to make your experience safe, comfortable, and fun. We are a one-stop shop for anyone and everyone interested in shooting whether it’s for sport or for safety.


Bristlecone Indoor Shooting Range is the premier shooting, gun range, training, and retail center in the Denver Metro Area. Please reach out online, give us a call or stop in today!

Meet Jacquelyn Clark, the Female Face of Bristlecone

It wasn’t that long ago that having a female owner of gun shop was the exception to the rule within the industry.  

But that’s changing quickly, and Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center in Lakewood, Colorado, is a prime example.

Meet Jacquelyn Clark, the female face of Bristlecone – Denver’s premier indoor shooting range and retail center.  

Jacquelyn opened Bristlecone with her husband Bryan in 2015.  Together, they’ve  shaped Bristlecone into an inviting, local shooting facility known for its outstanding customer service.  

 “Whether you are looking for a traditional gun range, one that caters to families, or one that offers something for women shooters such as A Girl & Gun, we have those at Bristlecone.  We want to make our customers feel welcomed here,” Jacquelyn explains.

Jacquelyn and Bryan became interested in recreational shooting while they were living in Atlanta.  “We had a home invasion scare, and it took the Atlanta police (what felt like) 20 minutes to get there,” says Jacquelyn. “It left us feeling vulnerable, which got us rethinking our own home-defense strategies.”

The couple took up recreational shooting shortly after that, and it quickly became their passion.  They joined a upscale shooting range in Atlanta that was owned by two sisters, and really enjoyed its inviting atmosphere.

Later they moved to Columbus, Ohio, and found a similar shooting range to join there. 

A few years later, the Clarks moved to Denver.  When they looked for an upscale indoor shooting facility in Denver, they were surprised not to find one they liked.  That’s how the inspiration for Bristlecone was born.

Today, Bryan oversees the operations for Bristlecone, including maintaince of the shooting range, and retail and buying, while Jacquelyn handles the marketing and memberships, and the facility’s ATF compliance.

Bristlecone received its  5-star rating from NSSF in 2017, and it continues to thrive, now going into its fourth year of business.

“Our goal from the beginning was to open a family-friendly and welcoming place for our customers,” she says, “We want them to feel at home here.  Whether you are a beginner or expert shooter, we have varied offerings and classes to meet our customers’ needs.”

Services include a retail center and firearms rentals, gunsmiths on site, TI Outdoors virtual training simulator, state-of-the-art indoor shooting center (14 lanes and tactical bays), weekly and monthly competitions such as bowling pins, USPSA and GSSF matches, A Girl & a Gun league events, and training classes for recreational shooters of all levels, abilities, and interests.

“We believe we’re on the right track with how Bristlecone has grown. We are looking forward to what the future holds as we continue to refine the facility and the many options for our members and customers,” says Jacquelyn.

To learn more about indoor recerational shooting at Bristlecone visit the website or call 303-985-0989.

Join Bristlecone’s AMMO CLUB and Get More Bang for Your Buck

Are you looking for internet pricing on ammunition without the hassles of online orders and shipping costs?

Join Bristlecone’s AMMO CLUB today. For a $25 initial fee, you’ll pay $20 a month, receive a Bristlecone engraved ammo can (a $25 value), and get year-round access to internet competitive pricing on first-run ammunition.  Save up to $60 on a case of 9MM and over $90 on a case of .45ACP (examples only).  This pricing applies to all ammo Bristlecone carries and everything we don’t (if we can order it)!

With competitive pricing on ammunition — plus our expert firearms training classes, retail center, and state-of-the-art indoor range, Bristlecone is the premier gun range in Colorado. For more information or to learn more about us, contact Bristlecone at 303-985-0989.