Join Bristlecone’s AMMO CLUB and Get More Bang for Your Buck

Are you looking for internet pricing on ammunition without the hassles of online orders and shipping costs?

Join Bristlecone’s AMMO CLUB today. For a $25 initial fee, you’ll pay $20 a month, receive a Bristlecone engraved ammo can (a $25 value), and get year-round access to internet competitive pricing on first-run ammunition.  Save up to $60 on a case of 9MM and over $90 on a case of .45ACP (examples only).  This pricing applies to all ammo Bristlecone carries and everything we don’t (if we can order it)!

With competitive pricing on ammunition — plus our expert firearms training classes, retail center, and state-of-the-art indoor range, Bristlecone is the premier gun range in Colorado. For more information or to learn more about us, contact Bristlecone at 303-985-0989.