January at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center in Lakewood, Colorado

WELCOME 2021!  We’re so glad you’re here.  We all have high hopes for this year, so why not start things out on the right foot with some self-improvement?  Firearms handling skills are perishable skills.  You need regular practice and continued training to stay sharp, so this month it’s all about training at Bristlecone.  We’ve got some new FREE training opportunities, as well as different ways for you to take advantage of private lessons, private classes and small group training so that you can feel safe, while you learn to keep yourself and others safe with some new skills.


NEW!  Walk-In Instructor Hours

With all the new firearms owners in our community, we wanted to offer a stepping stone for live-fire training.  If you’re not ready to commit to a class or private training session but still want some tips on how to improve, come in to the range during one of our Walk-in Instructor sessions this month. 

During these 2-3 hour blocks of time, one of our certified Firearms Instructors will be working the line on the range.  They are ready to answer your questions, recommend drills and observe your skills, while you get some practice in.  No extra charge and no appointment or reservation needed (however, Members are welcome to reserve lanes during these sessions)! Subject to lane availability.

January Walk-in Schedule:

Tuesday January 5th – 5-8PM Instructor: Cindy Coker

Friday January 8th – 11AM-2PM Instructor: Travis Gilliland

Sunday January 10th – 11AM-3PM Instructor: Steve MacGregor

Tuesday January 12th 4-7PM Instructor: Cindy Coker

Tuesday January 19th 4-7PM Instructor: Lee Royse

Friday January 22nd 4-7PM Instructor: Filipp Dedogryuk

Sunday January 24th 11AM-3PM Instructor: Pancho

Tuesday January 26th 4-7PM Instructor: Frank Greenberg

You can read more about each of these instructors and their specialties here.


Private Training Sessions Focused on YOU

These days, many folks are more comfortable avoiding crowds.  We totally get it!  All of our regularly scheduled training classes are running at 50% capacity (6 people max with appropriate social distancing), but we DO offer individual training sessions as well as private classes for small groups of people in the same “COVID bubble” so that we can do our best to accommodate all preferences.

Our private one-hour training sessions can be scheduled by emailing training@bristleconeshooting.com.  All we need to know is:

  • A few dates/times that work with your schedule
  • Your approximate skill level (first time all the way through advanced)
  • What platform you want to work on (handgun, rifle, shotgun, or all of them!)

We’ll get you paired with one of our certified instructors who will focus on just YOU! 

$100 for an individual, $150 for 2 people, $200 for 3 people includes your range fee and instructor time (1 hour), plus a discounted rate on firearms rentals.

If you have between 4 and 6 people who want to train together, let us schedule a private class for you!  Same deal – email training@bristleconeshooting.com and let us know what you’re looking for.  We can schedule a private CCW class, intro level classes and more.  We’ll customize an educational experience for your group that will be a perfect fit!


New Classes This Month

3-Gun Practice Course: 1/31 6PM

Prerequisite: You must have attended either the Intro to 3-Gun course OR must have attended one or two 3-gun matches prior to registering for this course. This 2-4 hour course will allow you to practice gun transitions, abandoning and retrieving firearms, target transitions, movement with guns, and honing handling skills of all 3 platforms.

Read more and register here.

The Reloading Zone – Intro to Reloading Rifle: 1/16 10AM

This 5 hour class will show you the basics of reloading from cleaning and preparing the cases, to actually loading the rifle rounds. Our instructor, Lee, will cover selection of materials, powders, equipment and case cleaning materials. If you have never reloaded before, this is the class to take. Lee does precision reloading for rifle, and bulk reloading for pistol. We have 6 single stage presses that you will use during class and all materials will be provided. At the end of the class, you will have a basic understanding of reloading and how to take it to the next step at home!

Read more and register here.

S.A.F.E – Situational Awareness For Everyone: 1/17 12pm, 1/19 4PM

1 Second… Just one more second of time to react…

Often this can mean the difference between life and death when the unthinkable happens. Learn the one thing you can do every day to stay safe and how to be an active participant in your own safety and security.

Situational Awareness and understanding the science of Pre-Threat Indicators are skills that can empower you and those you care for to stay SAFE by being able to spot violence BEFORE it happens. When violence occurs, you will defer back to your highest level of training….what is your highest level of training?

Read more and register here.

Youth Pistol Classes: 1/10 12PM, 1/17 6PM

When kids start asking questions, it is the time to start teaching them about firearm safety. By allowing them to learn in a fun and safe environment, kids will learn to appreciate safety, care, and explore the fun aspects of shooting. This 2 hour class teaches the fundamentals of pistol shooting and allows young shooters to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities!