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Bryan Clark
Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Owner of Bristlecone
Bryan originally got in to firearms for personal defense reasons in 2005. His research and education for personal/home defense reasons turned in to a recreational love of the sport. He has been competing for 5 years in IDPA and USPSA Matches, and runs Bristlecone’s weekly Bowling Pin Matches. He became a certified Range Safety Officer in 2014 and a certified Reality Based Training Instructor in 2016. Bryan is also an NRA certified pistol instructor and the Range Director for Bristlecone's USPSA matches. Bryan teaches our Intro to Competitive Shooting Class and Shoot House Classes.
Cindy Coker
Firearms Instructor, Retail Sales
Cindy was born and raised in a small town in NE Texas. Cindy grew up shooting Competition Skeet as well as hunting with her father. In 2012, Cindy started shooting USPSA as well as 3Gun in late 2014. Cindy currently shoots for Troy Industries on their 3 Gun team. She has a passion for introducing people to firearms and providing proper fundamentals and firearms safety for a successful ownership/training journey from the very start. When Cindy isn’t shooting, you will probably find her in the mountains hiking, snowboarding, traveling or just hanging out with friends. Cindy is an NRA , I.C.E, and Bristlecone Certified Instructor. She teaches our Intro to Pistol, CCW, Practical CCW, Home Defense, Basic Threat Awareness, Home Defense with Handgun classes, as well as our Youth Club and is available for private instruction upon request.
Travis Gilliland
Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer
Travis Gilliland learned to shoot at a young age while hunting with his father. He competed in minor competitions over the years and served in the Marines for 4 years, where he was a four-time rifle expert shooter and yearly rifle qualifier. While serving, Travis trained Marines on service rifle manipulation, handling and use of rifles in vehicles and close quarters scenarios and specialized in breaching, room clearing, demolitions and rocket usage. He was deployed to Afghanistan where he served as a vehicle commander and rifleman on foot patrols. Travis graduated from the Colorado School of Trades with a degree in Gunsmithing. He enjoys teaching youth and new shooters how to safely handle and operate firearms. Travis is an NRA Certified Pistol and Bristlecone Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer. He teaches our Tactical Rifle Training Courses, and is available for private instruction upon request.
Steve MacGregor
Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Retail Sales Lead

Steve was born and raised in Colorado. He was introduced to firearms at a young age when his older brother and father took him hunting with them. Steve has been shooting for 30 years, he has been carrying a defensive handgun for 7 years. Steve started working at Bristlecone in December of 2015 in the retail department and became a retail Sales Lead in April of 2017. In 2016 he received Bristlecone Instructor Certification and Range Safety Officer Certification. In 2017 he received the Defensive Firearms Coaching Certification, NRA Basic Pistol Certification and NRA Instructor Certification. In 2018 Steve received his instructor certification through USCCA to teach USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, also Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1. Steve was certified by the state of Utah as a Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor. He teaches our Introduction to Pistol Class, Bristlecone Conceal Carry Class, Conceal Carry II, Conceal Carry III, Fundamentals of Home Defense Handgun Class, Utah Non-Resident Concealed Firearm Permit Class and is available for private instruction upon request. Steve possesses cutting edge empirical training curriculum, which he takes pride in teaching to his students.

Steve Hartel
Firearms Instructor, Range Safety Officer

After 25 years back East, in 2015 Steve returned to Colorado where he grew up. Steve started hunting with his father at a young age and learned all about rifles. As an adult, Steve discovered pistols and fell in love! He has been an NRA Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor for 23 years and an NRA Training Counselor for 13 years. Since returning to Colorado, Steve has also become an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Rifle and Shotgun Instructor, as well as an Instructor for the NRA's CCW curriculum. In addition to his extensive NRA training, Steve has been trained at the Lethal Force Institute, the American Small Arms Academy, and Defense Associates. When he was living in Boston, Steve became a Certified Basic Firearms Safety Instructor with the Massachusetts State Police and was the Chief Handgun Instructor for the Andover Sportsmen’s Club. He also worked as a Security Officer with Allied-Barton Security Services. Steve volunteers with the Boy Scout Venturing Crew youth group that meets at Bristlecone and teaches shooting safety to boys and girls age 14-20. Steve loves teaching and is particularly good at explaining complicated concepts in easy-to-understand language. Whether you are an experienced shooter looking to up your shooting game or a never-touched-a-gun before person who wants a gentle introduction to guns, Steve can be a great resource for you. Steve currently teaches various pistol classes (Intro, Concealed Carry 1 & 2, and others) and is available for private instruction (pistol, rifle, shotgun) upon request.

Jim Rockwood
Firearms Instructor
Jim lived back East outside of Philadelphia for 25 years and moved to Colorado 5 years ago. He served in the military and was an instructor a the Army Infantry School at Ft. Benning where he taught hand-to-hand and light demolitions. After the military, Jim worked part time at another gun range teaching basic firearms instruction. In 1992 he got into competition shooting; USPSA, 3-gun, shotgun steel, IPSC, and most recently bowling pins at Bristlecone. Jim has had a concealed carry permit for 27 years and teaches the competitive shooting classes at Bristlecone (Intro to Bowling Pins and USPSA level II). He is here every Monday for pins and is available for private lessons.
Tanner Noland
Range Lead, Firearms Instructor

Tanner Noland learned to shoot at an early age with his father here in his home state of Colorado. Tanner has been shooting for over a decade while working at various ranges in the metro area. He has experience with a number of platforms from semiautomatic to bolt action rifles, handguns, and shotguns. In 2018, Tanner received his NRA certification as a Range Safety Officer and is the Range Lead at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center. Tanner is a concealed carry permit holder who has been carrying concealed for 5 years. Tanner is a Certified Bristlecone Instructor and teaches our Intro to Pistol classes, Lunchtime Locked & Loaded Drill Sessions and is available for private instruction upon request.

Filipp Dedogryuk
Retail Associate/Range Safety Officer/Firearms Instructor

Filipp was born in Moscow, Russia and has been living in Colorado for the past 20 years. He started off with martial arts and archery before being introduced to firearms in college. After a few close encounters as a delivery driver, Filipp was spurred on to learn about the defensive uses of a pistol and accquired a CCW. Filipp became an NRA Instructor in 2017 in Pistol, Shotgun, and Family Firearm Safety and is an NRA Distinguished Expert in Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun. Filipp is also a Bristlecone certified instructor.  On days off, Filipp enjoys shooting muzzleloaders, archery, tomahawks, fencing, and practicing martial arts and is interested in learning about the properties of a bearded axe.  Filipp teaches Intro to Pistol, Intro to Shotgun, and Family Intro to Firearms.  He is also available for private instruction.

Frank Greenberg
Firearms Instructor

Frank started shooting when he was 4 years old.  His father taught him to hunt, and supported his growing passion for the shooting sports as Frank started to compete and joined the Boy Scouts. Frank moved to Colorado in 1983 to continue his law enforcement career and joined the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.  In 1986, he joined Jeffco's S.W.A.T. team where he was a sniper for 10 years and ran the Jefferson County Sheriff's Firearms Academy, specializing in teaching tactical pistol, rifle, shotgun and sub-machinegun curriculum.  Frank retired in 2014 and now enjoys cowboy action shooting, working on vintage cars, and providing quality firearms instruction to civilians.  He is an NRA and POST Certified Instructor, as well as a Police Master Firearms Instructor with over 35 years of teaching experience.  He teaches Introduction to Low Light at Bristlecone and is available for private instruction.

Steve "Pancho" Harpham
Firearms Instructor

Growing up in the mountains west of Fort Collins, Pancho developed a love for the outdoors and firearms by exploring the foothills with his dogs and trusty air rifle. Pancho’s firearms training began in 2007 when he became an NRA Certified instructor in Rifle & Muzzleloading (MZ) Rifle to help his son’s Scout Troop teach the rifle merit badge. This rekindled his enthusiasm with firearms and he earned additional instructor certifications in Shotgun, MZ Shotgun, Shotgun Coach, Archery, Home Firearm Safety, Pistol, MZ Pistol, Personal Protection Inside & Outside the Home, CCW, and Range Safety Office (RSO).

Pancho became an NRA Training Counselor (TC) and Chief Range Safety Officer which allows him to create new instructors and RSOs. He also helped develop the latest NRA CCW curriculum and accepted an appointment as a regional (2nd) level TC. Pancho is a USCCA Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Instructor and a Bristlecone Certified Instructor.

Pancho’s affiliation with Bristlecone began in early 2017 as a founder of the Boy Scout Venturing Crew 563 youth group that meets at Bristlecone and teaches shooting safety & skills to boys & girls 14-20 years old. He is passionate about firearm training & introducing the next generation of youth and new adult shooters to the safe and responsible use of firearms for recreation, competition, and defense. He has also trained security personnel and law enforcement officers in the tactical use of pistols, rifles & shotguns for their duties.

Pancho currently teaches most of the popular classes and is available for private instruction (pistol, rifle, shotgun). His training is conducted under an umbrella of safety with a simple, systematic approach designed to increase your firearm knowledge and shooting skills from wherever you currently are to your next level.

Kevin McDonald
Firearms Instructor/Range Safety Officer

Kevin McDonald began his firearms journey when he joined the Marine Corps. Starting as a machine gunner, he became familiar with fully automatic weapons platforms, and then throughout his enlistment shifted his focus from accuracy by volume, to more precision rifle disciplines. Kevin completed the Marine Corps Scout Sniper Basic Course on Camp Pendleton and served in a Scout Sniper Platoon for the rest of his enlistment. Following his time in the Marine Corps, Kevin moved out to Colorado to work as an Armed Security Guard and Executive Protection Specialist in Denver and surrounding cities. Kevin began exploring more instructing opportunities including Medical (TCCC), Combatives, Edged weapon techniques, Force De-escalation, Tactical Pistol, and Long Range Precision shooting. Kevin continues to work as Protection Specialist, and has been working at Bristlecone since October of 2019.  

Wesley Wang
Facility Lead / Firearms Instructor

Wesley Wang got an early start at shooting with his father at the age of 4 in the back hills of Arkansas. After moving to Texas, he would begin shooting NRA Smallbore Competitions up until graduation from High School. At 17 He joined the US Army as a Cavalryman and later deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a machine gunner from 2011-12. In Afghanistan he learned the nuances of building relationships with forgin partners and the importance of situational awareness for personal security. After his deployment he would later attend and graduate US Army Sniper School and share his knowledge of ballistics, concealment and reconnaissance with 2/8 Infantry Battalion, 4th Infantry Division. In late 2013 he would separate from the Army to return to texas and further pursue his passion for precision shooting. In November 2019 Wesley moved to Colorado so that he could learn more, but also share that knowledge with the patrons of Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center.  Wesley teaches Intro to Long Distance Shooting and is available for private lessons at Bristlecone

Lee Royse
Firearms Instructor

Lee joined the Army in 1991 out of High School and started his appreciation and love of firearms at that time. Lee started hunting waterfowl in his 20's and then deer in his 30's. Shotguns and Rifles were his main focus at the time. In his late 30's, Lee started reloading his own ammunition for hunting before retiring from the Army in 2013. 

Once retired, Lee turned his attention to the shooting sports as more of a full-time passion. When he turned 40, Lee got into handguns and continued his study of reloading to increase how much he could shoot.  He really focused on the science behind how ammunition interfaces with firearms and ballistics. Lee currently shoots USPSA and is working towards shooting PRS. He teaches Reloading and Intro to Pistol classes at Bristlecone and is available for private instructions. When not shooting or teaching classes, Lee can often be found canyoning in Utah or out in the wilderness studying Elk, Deer and Moose patterns for the upcoming hunting seasons.

Trevor Robinson
Firearms Instructor, Facility Lead
Trevor is the Facility Supervisor and an Instructor for Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center. He was born and raised in Colorado, and has been involved in hunting, fishing, and the shooting sports for 20+ years. Trevor has been in the firearms industry since 2014 and enjoys educating shooters of all skill levels in products and techniques in an ever-changing market. He holds Instructor and Range Officer Certifications from Bristlecone and the NRA, as well as the Range Officer certification from USPSA. Trevor teaches carbine classes and is available for private instruction.

Most of Bristlecone’s Range Safety Officers are certified to give private instruction upon request.