February Happenings at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center

It’s February at Bristlecone and we’re showing YOU all the LOVE this month at your favorite indoor range, retail and training spot.  Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening:



Our Walk-in Instructor Hours continue on the range!  

This promotion was so successful last month, we’re keeping it alive through February.  We LOVE new shooters at Bristlecone and our Walk-in Instructor Hours are the perfect way to get folks started.  Come in any time one of our instructors is scheduled on the range, and get some dedicated tips and pointers on how to improve FOR FREE!  No reservation needed, subject to lane availability. Our instructors will be working the range on the following dates:

2/5 – 1-4PM

2/9 – 4-7PM

2/13 – 10AM-1PM

2/14 – 11AM-2PM AND 3 – 6PM

2/16 – 4-7PM

2/19 – 3-6PM

2/23 – 5-7:30PM

2/27 – 12-3PM

2/28 – 11AM-2PM

This is also a great way to get a feel for how our instructors teach, and to see if taking a class or signing up for a private instruction session is right for you.



We added some new classes that we are certain you’ll LOVE and are bringing back some specialty classes that haven’t been taught in a while!  Read more below:

NEW! Home Defense Series

This is a series of classes geared towards students that are focused on choosing the right platform for home defense, and then honing their skills on that platform through additional sessions.  A handgun isn’t always the right solution for your home and family members.  Sometimes a shotgun or a rifle would serve you better.  Come learn from our experts and try some popular platforms as you make your decision, and then spend time training on that platform with scenarios and drills geared towards helping you protect your home and loved ones.  These classes incorporate both the live fire range and our shoot house environment for scenarios.  They are listed below and you can read more and register here.

Introduction to Home Defense (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun)

Intermediate Home Defense Rifle

Intermediate Home Defense Shotgun

Intermediate Home Defense Pistol


Back on the calendar this Spring….

Introduction to Low Light

Most situations that arise where you need to defend yourself or others, happen in the dark when it’s more difficult to identify your target.  Take the first steps towards becoming more proficient with your firearm in low light conditions by taking this class. Next session: April 30th.  Read more here.  

Beginner Red Dot Pistol

This class was designed to take your handgun shooting to the next level by incorporating an optic.  Not sure where to start?  This is the class for you!  The instructor will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various red dots, mounting solutions on pistols, and the fundamentals of using the optic for precision and defensive shooting. If you are ready to transition from iron sights and blurry targets to looking at a crisp bullseye – this class will build on the experience you already have and extend your confidence and abilities.

Next session: April 21st.  Read more here.


New Training Department furniture to keep you safe and comfortable when you choose Bristlecone for a class!

We’re always looking for ways to keep our students safe and comfortable, so that they can learn with confidence.  We’ve added new individual desks to our classrooms that enable us to maintain social distance and not sacrifice comfort!








There is no one we LOVE more than our Members!  We are hard at work planning our Member Appreciation events this Spring.  Stay tuned for our Spring Membership deal, followed by our Member Appreciation Month coming soon!  If you’re not already a Member, check out all the benefits of Membership here.