What Makes The Double D Armory General Purpose AR-15 Great?

This is a locally manufactured (Greenwood Village) AR-15 that we carry.  Not many folks recognize the brand, so we wanted to highlight some of the unique features and quality components:

  • It’s super light.  6.2lbs for the whole rifle.  According to Double D, it’s the lightest rifle out there with a 15″ handguard.
  • Quality Lothar Walther barrel.  One of the best in the industry for precision rifles.
  • Angled surfaces on the buttstock.  These help establish a better cheek weld which in turn gives you a more consistent sight picture…. which means more accurate shots.
  • Double D uses a variety of improved pistol grips – Magpul MOE or B5 Systems.  That means more tactile control over the rifle.
  • Flared magwell. This makes it easier to insert the magazine and makes fumbling less likely.
  • BCM charging handle.  It features an extended latch, making it easy to manipulate, and a ridge that helps cut down on the gas that comes back towards the shooter (escaping from the gap between the upper and the charging handle).
  • ALG Defense Trigger.  It breaks crisply at 5.5lbs and has a definitive wall, which many feel is good for precision shots.
  • Awesome patterns available.  Very unique!

So if we’ve sparked your interest, come in and check them out.  They are part of our Spring Gun Sale running through Sunday 3/29!