Inaugural Ladies Locked ‘N Loaded Event

We hosted our first Ladies Locked ‘N Loaded event here at Bristlecone on Tuesday 3/10, and it was a big success.  Approximately 70 ladies joined us for the “Pistol Speed Dating” experience on our range, where they were able to sample 12 different handguns in about 45 minutes with help from our skilled Range Safety Officers.  Revolvers, semi-automatics and a variety of calibers were provided with several test rounds prepared in each.  Each participant was able to move from stall to stall shooting a few rounds through every gun.

Most ladies were beginners, all hoping to sample handguns that they had not yet had an opportunity try.  Many were able to determine what they did not like and some came away knowing what their next firearms purchase would be.  I think everyone enjoyed their time on the range as well as their time in the rest of the facility.  Since we wanted to keep the groups on the range small to maximize interaction with our instructors and safety officers on hand, groups waiting their turn were able to enjoy hors d’oeuvres  and our Virtual Training Simulator.  In addition to the “Pistol Speed Dating” experience, we had a number of ladies take advantage of our regular Tuesday Ladies Night special – free range time!

Thank you to everyone that attended and to our wonderful range safety officers, instructors and staff that helped to make the event a success.  We are planning our next Ladies Locked ‘N Loaded event for April and will post the date, time and theme shortly.  In the meantime, every Tuesday is Ladies Day/Night at Bristlecone; Ladies shoot for just $10 on the range from 10AM-5PM and then for free from 5-8PM.  Come check us out!