3 Ways to Improve Your Accuracy with a Pistol

At Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center, education is one of our core offerings. We believe safety, firearms familiarity, and skills improvement are paramount for every shooting sports enthusiast, as well as for any citizen that chooses the right to bear arms.

We have a variety of different shooting classes, from our ever-popular “Colorado Concealed Carry” class to our more technical courses such as “Defensive Focus Shooting” & “Advanced Pistol Handling”.  We realize that, for beginners, it can be very intimidating to be around more experienced shooters, and that is why we offer a variety of Denver shooting classes ranging from novice to expert level. At the end of the day, we want you to be comfortable and familiar with your firearm, and these courses allow you to take the necessary steps to be a safe and responsible Denver gun owner.

If you are interested in taking one of our Denver shooting classes, please don’t hesitate to look at our course calendar. No matter what your skill level, we have a class that will be right for you!

In the meantime, consider a few tips on improving your pistol shooting.

  1. Consider your shooting stance the foundation of your shot. If you the base of your body is not stable, it doesn’t take much to throw off your shot.  The recoil of your pistol tends to be disruptive to your stance, so you must ensure you’re comfortable and stable at all times. Please join us for one of our Denver gun classes for more tips and further instruction on how to make sure you are shooting at your best.
  2. Your handgun grip is another important thing to remember. We recommend that you grip the handgun fairly tightly (but relaxed) so only the trigger moves when you fire a round.  We like to compare a good grip on a gun like a firm handshake. A good grip reduces movement of non-trigger fingers, which will improve accuracy. Your forearm should also be in line with the gun to absorb the more recoil. Every shooter is different and our Denver gun class instructors will show you exactly what a proper grip looks and feels like.
  3. Your trigger pull has a big impact on your accuracy.  The goal is to pull the trigger slowly and firmly without jerking the handgun.  When the gun fires, the noise and recoil can be startling and it is easy to “jerk” the gun to the right or to the left.  Obviously if you “jerk” when the gun fires, your shot is going to be inaccurate. A great way to practice this is to dry-fire your pistol.  When dry-firing, you’ll be able to get a good feel for the trigger as well as notice if you are pulling to the right or to the left. After dry firing a few times without jerking the pistol, try with a live round and see if you notice a difference in your accuracy.  


The best thing you can do to improve your shooting is to come in and see one of our instructors for a private session or look into signing up for one of our Denver shooting classes. There are a lot of different strategies and philosophies to shooting, come in and see us today!

GSSF Match Series Results

Final Series Results – Bristlecone

1/9, 2/9 and 3/9 matches


1 – David Wood

2 – Michael Johnson

3 – Scott Starks



1 – John Branan

2 – Scott Schumer

3 – Robert Andrew



1 – Howard Dejong

2 – Tom Barber

3 – John Boettcher


Unlimited – Chris George


1st Place Lady – Lori Taylor

1st Place Junior – N/A

1st Place Senior – Michael Johnson

1st Pocket GLOCK – Mark Michini


250/500 CLUB

Mark Michini – 250

Bruce Harrelson – 250


Pistol Winner – Scott Seab


Detailed scores:



    1st 2nd 3rd final      
MARK MICHINI POCKET 250 250 228 250      
Bruce Harrelson Pocket   250 246 248      
DUANE THOMPSON POCKET 238 248 246 247      
Tracy Thompson Pocket   150 210 180      


        1st 2nd 3rd final
DAVID WOOD STOCK 34   494 496 498 497
MICHAEL JOHNSON STOCK 19   494 485 494 494
SCOTT STARKS STOCK 34   476 489 494 491.5
CHRIS RANDALL STOCK 17   486   496 491
Aaron Kubicek STOCK 17     489 492 490.5
BILL SPINUZZI STOCK 17   485 453 484 484.5
WILLIAM EITH STOCK 19   471 464 485 478
JOHN BRANAN STOCK 34   477 478 460 477.5
SCOTT SCHUMER STOCK 34   466 464 489 477.5
ROBERT ANDREW STOCK 17   462 466 487 476.5
SCOTT SCHUMER Stock 21     464 488 476
DAN ATOR STOCK 19   407 472 472 472
Lori Taylor STOCK 34     477 459 468
DAVID BEERS STOCK 34   473 458 455 465.5
Howard Dejong Stock 34     456 462 459
TOM BARBER STOCK 17   446 461 419 453.5
JOHN BOETCHER STOCK 40   420 445 454 449.5
Tracy Thompson Stock 17L     418 469 443.5
ISAAC SMITH STOCK 27   435 442 444 443
DAN KUBICEK STOCK 17   352 414 459 436.5
JIM BAILEY STOCK 19   436 368 424 430
GREG DEWITT STOCK 34   358 411   384.5
JEFFERY BAIR STOCK 17   484 465 441 264.5



      1st 2nd 3rd Final
Chris George UNL 17   494 490 492
JEFFERY BAIR UNL 34 487 491 475 489
ISAAC SMITH UNL 22 439 478 487 482.5
SCOTT SEAB UNL 22 475 489 422 482
TAYLOR GILLMOR UNL 34 490 473   481.5
MICHAEL JOHNSON UNL 22 392 468 479 473.5
DAVIN MCDILL Unl 17   460 459 459.5
Will Tettemer UNL 26   438 454 446

Bristlecone Offers GSSF League Matches

Those who enjoy shooting GLOCK pistols and want to shoot them in competition can now find the best of both worlds as part of the indoor shooting range competitions at Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center.  These matches are great for those new to competitive shooting, as all of the courses of fire are completed in the booth; nothing is done down-range.

Bristlecone is excited to introduce GLOCK Sports Shooting Foundation, GSSF League Match competitions at the facility.  A GSSF League Match is a series of three matches conducted over a three-month period. Participants must be current GSSF members and compete in two of the three matches to qualify for plaques and prizes. If you are not currently a member, you may join online at this website:, or upon registration at a GSSF League Match at Bristlecone.

 An annual GSSF membership costs only $35 for new members and $25 for renewing members and allows you to compete in any GSSF match. Bristlecone charges $20 to participate with 1 gun and $30 to participate with 2 guns. 

How GSSF Competitions and Scoring Work 

Competitors may shoot any GLOCK pistol. The Lewis Prize Allocation system is used to distribute awards as equitably as possible. Each separate pistol used during the match will be a separate entry. Your two best scores of each entry during the series will be totaled and averaged at the end of the three-match series. If a shooter competes in only two matches, his/her scores for each entry are totaled and divided by two. If a shooter competes in all three matches, his/her best two scores for each entry are totaled and divided by two. The result is one final score for each entry, which is then listed in the overall order in which he/she finished. The overall list is then divided into thirds, with the top one-third considered “A Class,” the second one-third is “B Class,” and the final one-third is “C Class.” Plaques are awarded to the top competitor of each class. Unlimited Class is available for non-stock GLOCK pistols.

To learn more visit Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center online or call 303-985-0989 to register.