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Meet Bristlecone Instructor Cindy DeSplinter

Expertise and care is important when it comes to teaching others how to shoot.  Luckily, Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center has some of the best shooting instructors in Denver. Cindy DeSplinter, who teaches Bristlecone’s Intro to Pistol and Concealed Carry Weapons classes, as well as private shooting instruction, is among them.  Cindy has been with Bristlecone since 2016 and is passionate about shooting and teaching others.  Here’s a look at how she started shooting, and why she loves the sport and supporting recreational shooters.


Question: How did you get started?

Answer: I am from Texas originally, and I have been shooting since I was a kid.  I grew up and learned to shoot with my dad. We would hunt for hog, dove, deer, and quail.  I also competed in skeet shooting.


Question: What’s your favorite competition or type of shooting

Answer:  In 2012, I started shooting USPSA as well as 3Gun in late 2014. I love shooting 3Gun!   But I am also passionate about introducing people to firearms and to competitive shooting. I volunteer all over the U.S. at events, and I coach for organizations that support new shooters


Question:  Are there any specific titles you’ve won or competitions to mention?

Answer: I’ve won three-time Top Lady in Production Class at the Rocky Mountain 300 and two-time Top Lady in Production Class at The Mile-High Show Down.  However, my focus isn’t titles; it’s being the person who can guide and support others who want to learn more.  As I started to shoot competitively, I learned very quickly that teaching, not competitions, was where my passion was!


Question: How long have you taught shooting? Have you taught anywhere else?

Answer: I received my NRA Certification in 2015.  I have taught Intro Pistol on my own and then starting with Bristlecone.  I also work with A Girl & A Gun and provide training and mentorship at some of their events, including introducing women to Competitive Shooting.  I am currently the Facilitator for the Denver West Chapter, which is based out of Bristlecone.


Question: What do you like best about teaching shooting?
Answer: I enjoy empowering people with the knowledge and understanding of safety and fundamentals of firearms so they can be responsible gun owners.  Also, I like to set a solid foundation for whatever their goals may be, whether it’s protection, competition or just recreational shooting. 

Question: What’s your favorite thing to outside of shooting?

Answer: Probably Snowboarding!  When it’s not winter, there really isn’t anything outside of shooting. LOL!


Question: What advice would you give a beginner shooter?

Answer: Invest in training and take various classes! Also, stay consistent with your practice 


Question: Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

Answer: If you are thinking about learning more about firearms, visit many ranges, and meet many instructors in your area.  Find the one who speaks to you the most and can support you throughout the process.  The firearms community is an amazing one!  It’s become a family to me.


To learn more about shooting classes and training at Bristlecone visit or call 303-985-0989.