May Events at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center in Lakewood, Colorado

It’s May!  We can’t wait for some better weather and little more “new normal” to roll in to our community in Lakewood.  Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening at Bristlecone this month:

Operational Update

For the first few weeks in May (at least), our hours will continue to be 10-6 daily.  In an effort to keep our Members, customers and staff safe, we are limiting the number of customers/members allowed in the facility and requiring that everyone coming through our doors wear a face covering.  You don’t need a medical-grade mask.  Bandanas, scarves, ski neck warmers all work.  We appreciate your continued patience as we work to maintain a safe and clean environment that you can feel confident visiting.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is May 10th this year.  What do you have planned?  We have 2 Women Only classes scheduled on Sunday May 10th, that might be the perfect gift for that Mama Bear in your life.  Our Women’s Only Intro to Pistol (10AM) and Women’s Only Concealed Carry (4PM) are both taught by our senior instructor, Cindy Coker.  Registration is limited, since we are keeping our classes small for your safety.  Check out more details and register here.


Starting May 1st through May 15th, we are honoring our First Responders with one of the best Membership deals of the year.  For a limited time, First Responders, Military and Law Enforcement can get any type of monthly Membership for just $39 initiation fee!  That’s a savings of up to $370 on select Membership types.  6 extra guest passes, if you would rather purchase an annual, pay-up-front Membership.  We appreciate everything you’re doing during this pandemic… and always!  Thank you!

..and stay tuned for more information on our popular Summer Memberships that will be available later this month.  Summer Memberships are a great way to take advantage of the best of our Member benefits all summer long for a discount.  More information coming soon!

You can check out all of our Membership types and benefits here.


Have you checked out all of our new online learning opportunities?  We’ve taken the classroom portion of several of our classes and moved them to an online platform.  Range completion sessions for these classes are scheduled at a later date.  Now you can advance your learning from the comfort of your own home!  Check out more details and our class schedule here.

We’ve also launched a series of Free for Members, hour-long, educational seminars.  All online!  Topics cover everything from competitive shooting, to gear, low light and more.  Just $15 and FREE for Bristlecone Members.  Check out our full calendar here.

USPSA Update

We are going to resume matches starting 5/21.  Each match will now consist of 2 stages.  One regular and one classifier.  We will run 2 squads of 5 shooters each on the hour, starting at 5pm.  Your arrival time will be 10 minutes before your appointed hour.  Again, please do not be late, or you will not be permitted to shoot.    


We will have designated areas in the facility where you can gun up (Safety Areas) and then sit while we get ready for the Safety Brief.  YOU MAY NOT CONGREGATE with others before, during or after the match.  We will strictly enforce the 6-foot rule.  


After the Safety Brief is given to that group of 10 shooters, we will enter the range (one by one) and shoot through the stages, much like a normal match (once we finish with our starting stage, we will swap to the other side and shoot that stage).  We will make sure to enforce social distancing once in the range.  Obviously, with such small squads, we will need everyone’s help once inside.  As the competitors finish with their second stage, they will be instructed to gun down in the presence of an RO, and then immediately leave the facility.  This will allow us to move smoothly on to the next group at the top of the next hour.   


We will repeat this process four times (at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm) to make sure we get through our allotted 40 shooters, 2 stages each.  We hope you all understand that we simply cannot operate as usual in these times, and that these modifications will at least allow us to continue to enjoy our sport in a socially responsible manner.