March at Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center in Lakewood, CO

It’s going to be a great month at Bristlecone! Lots of deals, events and great training opportunities are around every corner.  Read about all of the details below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more regular updates!


March is Membership “Madness”!

If you’re a Member, you already know how great the environment, staff, and facilities at Bristlecone are.  Why not spread the word?  All month in March, we’re excited to give you a $35 Member referral bonus when you refer someone that joins!  Enjoying the range, classes and Bristlecone “vibe” is so much more fun when you’re doing it with friends and family.  Check out all the Membership options and benefits here.




April is Member Appreciation month at Bristlecone!  You don’t want to miss all of the exclusive Member-only deals happening all month long, and the amazing Member Appreciation event we’re planning to top it all off!  Mark your calendars and get your friends and family signed up in March so they don’t miss out.  


Vortex Optics and Dead Air Suppressors at Bristlecone March 19th

These two brands epitomize quality and performance in our industry.  Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with manufacturer reps, try products on the range, and get great deals on all things Vortex and Dead Air on Saturday 3/19!


Training and Competition Opportunities

Pistol Speed Dating 3/8 – 8 and 9PM

This fun and helpful event is back by popular demand!  Pistol Speed Dating is an opportunity to find the perfect gun for yourself by trying a bunch of different options all in one range session. Come for an hour and compare the fit, feel, and try some of the most popular guns on the market. Test guns side by side to see which one you fall in love with. Multiple calibers available to compare and contrast. $45 includes limited ammunition.  Register here.

GSSF Matches 3/2, 3/9, 3/16

GSSF (Glock Sport Shooting Foundation) matches are one of many types of competitive shooting opportunities at Bristlecone!  The GSSF League Match is a series of three matches where participants shoot Glock branded pistols and compete to achieve the best score based on accuracy and marksmanship.  Don’t own a Glock?  No problem!  We have plenty in our rental fleet for you to use during the matches.

In order to qualify to win awards and prizes, participants must shoot in at least 2 out of 3 matches in the series. Participants must also be GSSF members and if you are not currently a member, you can join online on the GSSF website or upon registration at a GSSF League Match (check or credit card only). The Lewis Prize Allocation system is used to distribute awards as equitably as possible. Each participant may have multiple entries at each match so long as they are different guns per entry. Participants’ best two scores per entry during the series will be averaged at the end of the 3-match series. For official rules and division regulations, please visit the GSSF website. Participants must register for a specific time slot and must register for the correct division (one-gun, two-gun, and three-gun divisions available).  Register for the Bristlecone match series here.

International Women’s Day Educational Opportunities

This day falls on a Tuesday in 2022, and we couldn’t be more excited about that!  Every Tuesday is Ladies Day at Bristlecone, where women shoot for free on the range.  This year on March 8th, we’re able to use our Ladies Day as a backdrop for this day of global recognition.

Women’s Only Classes on 3/8

We teach Women Only classes all year long, but we’re turning the spotlight on them on 3/8.  Join us for a Women’s Only Intro to Pistol or a Women’s Only Concealed Carry class on International Women’s Day this year.  Come learn in a comfortable and non-intimidating environment.  Learn more about the curriculum and register here.  

US Law Shield Seminar; Guest Speaker Dawna Hetzler 3/8 5PM

Dawna Hetzler, a local realtor who was the victim of an assault during an open house in 2020, will be sharing her harrowing experience with us. Please join us for this empowering discussion and hear from Dawna how training and preparation kept her from ultimate harm.  Please register directly on the US Law Shield site for this event here.


Free for Members Seminars

Registration is required for these events, even though they are FREE for Members!  If you’re a non-Member, you can join in too for just $10.  If you’re a Member, please call or come in to register for free!  Non-Members are welcome to learn more and register online here for $10.

Concealed Carry Methods – Hands-on Demo 3/5 3PM

Now that you have your CCW permit, are you ready to carry your firearm? Come learn about the different ways you can safely conceal a firearm! We’ll have a demonstration of different types of holsters, on-body carry methods, and off-body carry methods that you’ll get to put your hands on and try out with our plastic training guns! This will be a great opportunity for you to try before you buy!
**We will provide practice guns to demo with, DO NOT bring your own firearms!**

Concealed Carry:  Biological Responses to Stress 3/12 12PM

What is it like being in a life-threatening situation? What will I feel? How do I overcome some of the challenges I will experience like loss of gross motor skills, time dilation, and memory distortion?

As Concealed Carry Permit holders, defenders of households, and competitive shooters, we face stress every day. Being able to function through stressful situations is not something people rise to, rather we fall back to the level of our training. If you have asked yourself any of the questions above, attend this seminar with Steve Hartel, one of our Concealed Carry instructors and we will cover some of the ways you can train at home and on the range. 

Firearm Malfunctions: Recognizing Problems and Common Fixes 3/20 10AM

BANG! BANG! Click.

There is no sound louder than a click when you’re expecting a bang. As Concealed Carry Permit holders, defenders of households, and competitive shooters, we practice our skills on the range, and sometimes, our guns will jam. Some jams are easier to clear than others, but how do I recognize which jam I have and how to fix it?