April is Member Appreciation Month at Bristlecone!

We LOVE our Members at Bristlecone, and this month we’re going out of our way to show it!  All month long, we’ve got exclusive Member-only deals and a big Member Appreciation Day planned for Sunday April 24th that you won’t want to miss! 


Not a Member yet?  There’s still plenty of time to join this month so that you don’t miss out on everything we have planned.  This is the best time of the year to join the club with the most Member Benefits in the State!  Check out below for all the details on April, including some recent testimonials from our Members.  You can read more about Membership options here and see if a Bristlecone Membership might be right for you!


Every Week There’s Something New…..


Every week in April, we’re bringing you different exclusive Member-only deals.  These discounts are better than your regular Member discounts on everything we carry, so be sure to mark your calendars for any dates and categories of merchandise that you have been eyeing!


April 1st – 7th: All Training Classes valued at $100 or more are 25% off!  Must call or come in for the deal.

April 8th – 14th: All Accessories up to 20% off.

April 15th – 21st – All New Firearms on sale!

April 22nd – May 1st – Whole month reboot! Everything in the store is on sale!


The Big Day on April 24th!

Member Appreciation Day is our favorite event of the year.  It’s always well attended, an opportunity to mingle with your community, and a ton of fun with amazing food!  This year will be no exception.

On April 24th, the Bristlecone Facility will be open ONLY to Members and their guests.  Get ready for….

  • A huge store-wide sale
  • Fun competitions on the range for great prizes
  • Amazing food prepared by our Gunsmith Nick DiPirro (who was a chef in a former life…. For those of you who’ve attended our events in the past that he has prepared lunch for, you KNOW you don’t want to miss out!)
  • Meet the Owners, Instructors, and Staff Members and mingle with our amazing community
  • Enjoy the club being open only for our Members and their guests

No registration required but mark your calendars! We can wait to see all of our fantastic Members on April 24th !


But don’t take our word for it!

We know how amazing it is to be a Member at Bristlecone, but you don’t have to only take our word for it.  Here are some recent Member comments about their experience with our community:


“This type of customer service is another reason why I will always be a loyal patron of Bristlecone. Top notch facilities, incredible training, and great people will keep me and my friends returning year after year “ – Ben S

“Thank you for hosting these sorts of events (member seminars). As a new gun owner, I appreciate the resources you provide” – Colleen H

“Bristlecone has, in my own humble neophyte opinion, done a great job in updating and developing new pertinent training curriculum for us mere civilians. Keep up the good work!” – John V


Bristlecone Training Opportunities in April


We always have a Training Calendar full of classes for shooters of all experience levels.  This month, we’re highlighting the Home Defense series of classes, as well as our youth opportunities.  We’ve got some exciting more advanced training sessions available this month as well.  Check out the details below!


Bristlecone’s Home Defense Series

Do you want to defend your home but you’re struggling with where to start? If you’re unsure of what to use for defense or how to prevent potentially dangerous situations, the Intro to Home Defense course and additional Home Defense platform-based classes at Bristlecone are a great place to start. 

This Intro to Home Defense course is designed to educate the students on which firearms are best for their own personal defense, how to store them safely and securely, and how to utilize them appropriately during a home defense situation. New and experienced shooters will benefit from the information provided on home defense scenarios, and students will get the opportunity to try pistols, rifles, and shotguns in the range to decide what works best for them.  Rental firearms and ammunition are included in the price of the Intro Course!


Once you complete the Intro to Home Defense class, you’ll be ready to home in on skills associated with whichever platform felt the best for you during the range time.  Bristlecone offers subsequent Home Defense sessions that focus on Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun that you can take as a next step.  Your Home Defense strategy will be much stronger and your confidence level surrounding protecting yourself and your family is sure to improve!


Sessions are offered throughout the month of April.  Click here for more details and to register.



Youth Opportunities in April

Bristlecone is known as THE destination for youth in the shooting sports.  This month, we have youth-specific classes in all three platforms: pistol, rifle and shotgun.  All youth classes are 2 hours long, to accommodate the busy schedule kids have these days, and most equipment is included.


Check out Youth Pistol level 1 and 2, Youth Shotgun (taught at Colorado Clays) and Youth Rifle (Sponsored by Ruger) this month!  You can read more and register here.


Advanced Training Opportunities in April:  Both Sides of the Gun, taught by 4 Rings Tactical


Imagine a scenario where someone is badly injured, bleeding out in front of you, and there is still an active shooter in the area. It’s a scenario no one wants to find themselves in but being prepared can increase that person’s chance of survival. Being able to switch from an active defensive/offensive mindset to a medical mindset can be extremely difficult. Having the tools and knowledge on hand to step in and save lives is no longer a luxury – it has become a necessity.


Both Sides of the Gun is a unique opportunity where participants can experience both defensive and medical training at the same time. The course is designed to reinforce each participant’s fundamental skills necessary for defensive pistol shooting and to give every participant a foundation for their IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit). We will be focusing on every detail, being sure that each participant leaves with the necessary skills for any scenarios that they may encounter in and around their home or workplace. Over the course of the class, participants will learn in many different training settings (classroom / simulated shoot house / firing range). The class utilizes stress-based scenario training to reinforce the skills learned throughout the day.



– Tactical Pistol 2

– Casualty Care: Hemorrhage Control or Casualty Care: Advanced GS Medical


Multiple sessions in April.  Read more and register here.