Intro to Bowling Pins - Bristlecone

Bristlecone loves to offer competitive shooters multiple ways to compete and up their game! The Bowling Pin Matches offer competitive shooters a way to practice their skills and have fun! The matches are bracketed, head-to-head, and double elimination style consisting of 26-30 shooters. Skill levels of the shooters are determined prior to the match and each participant will be given a color code that indicates their experience level/number of pins to shoot (5 pins for beginner, 10 pin for expert, etc). Shooters of various experience levels will be able to have fun! 

Shooters are required to wait in the high compressed ready position, safety on, and trigger finger outside the trigger guard until the match begins with an audible start. The competitor that knocks all of their pins off the table first wins that round! Competitors MUST arrive 15 minutes early for the safety brief. 

Required equipment:

  • Handgun (centerfire calibers only, iron sights only, NO optics or compensators allowed!)
  • 100-150 rounds of ammunition
  • Range bag, case, box, or holster
  • Hearing and eye protection  
  • Range appropriate clothing (crew neck shirt and closed toe shoes)

Due to the nationwide ammunition shortage, please note that we are limiting customers’ and students’ ammunition purchases.