Try Before You Buy and 30-Day, No Regrets Return Policy at Bristlecone

If you are new to personal defense and recreational shooting or if you are simply in the market for your next firearm purchase, you may want to check out Bristlecone’s “Try Before You Buy” and 30 Day No Regrets program.  It allows you to try out our rentals of pistols and rifles before you invest in the ones you want to buy and keep.  Once you do make a purchase, you can buy with confidence because of Bristlecone’s 30-Day, No Regrets Return policy on all new firearms purchases.  We are the only dealer in the State of Colorado that offers returns on firearms purchases in this way.  If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase in the first 30 days, Bristlecone will allow you to return your purchase (less a 10% restocking fee and pending certification from our gunsmith) and select another from our inventory. 

Here’s how it works. You simply visit our range and rent the firearms you’re interested in trying before a potential purchase.  We charge one rental fee ($15 for standard pistols, $20 for standard rifles) and allow you to swap out your choice for a different model within the same category as many times as you like during your hour-long range session without paying additional rental fees.  Bristlecone offers a comprehensive selection of gun rentals.  Our staff will ask you questions to learn more about your personal defense or recreational goals, experience level, interests, and fit to help you pick the right firearms for you.  Our gun rental counter is a safe place to ask your questions and get acquainted with all of the different options, training opportunities, and our indoor range. 

If you make a purchase the same day that you use the range and rent at least one firearm, we’ll take the rental fee off the price of your purchase.  Don’t like what you chose after you use it a few times?  No problem.  Bring it back in its original packaging and with all manufacturer accessories, and we’ll help you find something better.

Do you want a sneak peek at the rentals we offer? Check out this link to learn more about gun rentals that Bristlecone offers.

To learn more about Bristlecone visit or call 303-985-0989.