Rental Report: GLOCK G43X/G48

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Rental Report: GLOCK G43X/G48

Written by: Joe Kriz


Despite manufacturing more than 50 different handguns in seven different calibers, GLOCK felt its lineup of “perfection” was missing something. Enter the G43X and G48, introduced in 2018 to fill gaps between existing models and satisfy the demands of a growing concealed carry market.



Chambered in 9mm, the G43X and G48 are both slimline, striker-fire semi-auto handguns with all the aesthetics and features expected of a GLOCK. Sharing the same 1.1-inch wide and 5.04-inch tall polymer frame, the compact-size grip is best thought of as a single-stack G19. While it’s noticeably thinner than the widely popular double stack, it is also wider than the G43.


Dimensionally, the G48 shares the same overall length and height as the G19. The G43X, however, was designed to be the bigger brother of the sub-compact G43, increasing capacity by four rounds while keeping its short slide and barrel. As such, the slide of the G43X is flush with the front of the frame while the G48 sticks out beyond it.


Dimensions (G43X / G48)

Length: 6.5” / 7.28”

Height: 5.04”

Width: 1.1”

Barrel: 3.41” / 4.17”

Weight: 16.4 oz / 18.48 oz

Capacity: 10+1 (9mm)


While originally released as silver slide-black frame models, both the G43X and G48 are now available in the more recognizable black-on-black look and feature front slide serrations, GLOCK sights and GLOCK Marksman Barrels—as found in all GLOCK Gen5 models.



For those accustomed to shooting larger handguns, shooting the G43X and G48 is a different kind of experience.


The first thing you’ll notice is the fit. It should come as no surprise that the slimmer guns feel noticeably smaller in the hand. If you struggle to reach the controls of most double-stack handguns, you should find the magazine and slide stop/catch/releases closer within reach, aided by the marginally shorter trigger distance (measured from the back of the grip to the trigger).

Down range, accuracy is as good as the shooter. Those familiar with 9mm should find recoil manageable and controllable, but, as with all short-slide guns like the G43 and G43X, the shorter sight radius (5.24”, versus 5.98” of the G48) can lead to larger groups, especially when shooting at longer distances. However, at practical self-defense distances within 10 yards, accuracy between the two models is virtually unnoticeable.



Whether you’re looking for your first handgun, are making the switch from double-stack carry, have small hands, or simply love GLOCKs, the G43X and G48 are great options worth considering. And as with all GLOCKs, aftermarket components, holsters and gear are readily available to support those wishing to carry and customize these new handguns.


Interested in the G43X, G48 or both? Find them in our rental handguns cabinet, available to shoot for just $15 (50% off for members), or available to purchase in-store or online for $469 (prices may vary). Rent and buy on the same day and we’ll take your rental fee off the price of the gun!


Ask our range or retail employees about the GLOCK G43X and G48 on your next visit to Bristlecone Shooting, Training & Retail Center. And save big during GLOCK Days at Bristlecone this GLOCKtober, October 19-26, 2019.


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