Rain or Shine, You Can Shoot All Year at Bristlecone

Colorado, the home state for Bristlecone Shooting, Training, and Retail Center, an indoor shooting range in Lakewood, has an incredible climate and some of the most spectacular scenery in the country.  Because of this, we believe we offer our customers the best of both worlds. You can practice your shooting year round indoors, rain or shine, at Bristlecone as well as keep up your skills so that when you venture outside, you’ll do even better and enjoy it more.

There are many advantages to practicing shooting indoors year round. For instance, Bristlecone’s shooting range has a climate controlled environment and you don’t have to worry about the wind, rain, heat or other adverse conditions when you shoot here. Plus, it’s great fun, practice and skills training.

Bristlecone has regular firearms training classes and competitive matches (offered year round), membership choices, and shooting range options geared toward participants of all experience levels and backgrounds. Our indoor shooting range is among the best in Denver and we use state-of-the-art equipment such as an automated target retrieval system and tactical skills enhancing equipment, as well as a customized air filtration and ventilation system. We strive to give our customers the most safe, comfortable and fun shooting experience possible.

Bristlecone’s indoor shooting range includes 14 indoor lanes, each stretching 25 yards. You are welcome to shoot your handguns, shotguns, and rifles here. A wide variety of firearms are also available for rent.

The lanes are separated into two range bays. The first is pistol only and reserved for standard target shooting practice.  It has six fixed firing point lanes with clear ballistic shooting stalls and electronically controlled rail-based target retrieval systems.  The second bay, with eight lanes, is equipped for tactical shooting practice and training. Our tactical shooting lanes are also equipped with individual lights, which make them great for low-light and no-light training exercises.  All of our stalls are separated by clear ballistic glass for optimum instructor viewing and are equipped with advanced tactical, fully automated, computer-controlled, 360° full turning target retrieval systems.

To fully understand what the Bristlecone tactical shooting bay is about, you must experience it for yourself and we invite you to come and check it out.

Air quality makes a huge difference in your shooting experience and here, too, Bristlecone makes sense year round and rises above other facilities with our cleaner, well-ventilated lanes. We cater to shooters of all abilities and make target shooting fun and enjoyable for everyone.

To learn more about shooting year round at Bristlecone or for more information about our memberships, monthly firearms  training classes or our retail center, visit Bristlecone at www.bristleconeshooting.com or call 303-985-0989.