National Grandparents Day is September 12th!

We are so excited to help you celebrate this year with some FREE range time for grandparents and grandkids all day on 9/12!  Here are all the registration details and info you need to make this a special event for your family:


Reservations are required, so that we can send you the appropriate waiver information and details prior to 9/12.  You can register by clicking here  and then selecting “September” to find this event on the 12th.  This is a first come first serve event, so your registration doesn’t reserve you a lane. If you’re a member, you’re more than welcome to make a lane reservation to ensure you have a spot to have fun!

Both grandparents can share the love and have up to two grandkids shoot free per grandparent! However, if there are three or more grandkids per grandparent, the additional grandkids will be charged the youth rate to shoot. Standard range rules apply so each lane has a limit of 3 people and an adult must be present in the lane with the youth shooter at all times. 

This next part is really important to make your range day fun and hassle-free so keep on reading!

Each participant under the age of 18 MUST have a waiver signed by their legal guardians. We’ll send you everything you need if you register for the event, but legal guardians can also click here to access the online liability waiver and fill it out with the youth’s name and information. Grandparents may not sign the waiver for the youth participant unless they provide the range staff with a physical copy of this document completed by the legal guardians. Grandparents that ARE legal guardians of their grandkids are able to sign as such.

We can’t wait for you to create amazing memories with us here at Bristlecone! If you have questions feel free to email or call the store at 303-985-0989 ext 115.