Latest information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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Latest Client Information on Coronavirus

Bristlecone is open during safer-at-home under the authority of DHS (range) and the State of CO (retail). Hours 10-8 Monday through Saturday, 10-6 Sunday. Social distancing and face coverings required.

Keeping our customers, Members and staff safe and healthy is always a big focus at Bristlecone.  Since we want you to feel safe and at ease when you visit, as well as do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, here is some information on our existing systems and procedures and the extra steps we are taking to ensure your safety:

  • We are requiring all staff, customers, and students inside the store to wear facial coverings in accordance with CDC request. Anyone without a mask/ bandanna will not be admitted into the building.
  • Our standard cleaning and sanitization procedures are well above industry standards, but we have redoubled them in the recent weeks.
  • Our staff regularly wipes down all surfaces throughout the day.
  • The professional cleaning company that we use is also focused on cleaning and disinfecting high risk areas: door handles, light switches, and similar high touch locations.
  • The range HVAC system at Bristlecone is the best in the industry with a laminar air flow system that replaces the air in the range every 90 seconds with fresh air!  It uses a HEPA filtration system to keep our range clean and enjoyable all the time.
  • We are practicing extreme social distancing in our classes.  1 student per table (which usually seats 2 or 3) and appropriate distances maintained while on the range.

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