How to Shoot a Bowling Pin Match

Bowling Pin matches are a lot of fun to participate in, and to watch!  We’ll be starting regular Monday night Bowling Pin shoots at Bristlecone beginning on 4/27.  This type of competition is great for beginners as well as very experienced shooters.  Stay tuned for start time and registration details.


What you’ll need:

  • Pistol or revolver of your choice. Caliber must be 9mm or greater for semi-automatics and .38 special or greater for revolvers
  • 100 – 150 rounds
  • Brief qualification session with Bristlecone’s Chief Range Safety Officer (to determine skill level and whether or not a handicap is needed)

How the match works:

Bowling Pin matches are bracketed (24 brackets) head-to-head double elimination competitions.  Skill levels of the shooters are determined prior to the match, and each participant will be given a color-coded card indicating their experience level and the number of pins they will be given to shoot during their assigned bracket. Green Card = Experienced Shooter (5 pins).  Yellow Card = Intermediate Shooter (4 pins).  Red Card = Beginner Shooter (3 pins).

Pins are set 7 yards away from the firing line and each head-to-head match-up begins with an audible start.  Shooters are required to wait at the firing line in the “high ready” position with their firearm safely pointed down range, safety on, and index finger outside the trigger guard until the start is signaled.  The competitor that knocks all of their pins completely off the table first wins the bracket.  Iron sights and optics are allowed.  The winner moves to the winner bracket and the loser moves to the loser bracket, but can still compete until he/she has 2 losses.

Prizes will be provided by Bristlecone Shooting nightly.  Come show us your competitive side!