COVID-Modified USPSA Match 5/21

A note from Bryan Clark with details on this week’s match:


Hey gang!  It is almost here!  Our first COVID-modified USPSA Match.  Yay.  Here’s everything you need to know.  I know it’s a really long email, but PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. 


As mentioned in prior emails to the email group, we are changing up the format a bit due to COVID concerns. 


IF YOU HAVE NOT JOINED THE GOOGLE GROUP, PLEASE DO SO IMMEDIATELY.  That Google Group is the way I communicate with the USPSA community, and I will continue to do so with all pertinent announcements, cancellations, results, etc.  Doing the emails this way (emailing each individual shooter) is simply not feasible for mass emails.  I made an exception for the upcoming match because I am not emailing every USPSA shooter we have in our system, just those signed up for this match. 


OK, on to the good stuff.  You have been placed in 5-man squads, and have been assigned a shooting time (top of the hour at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm or 8pm).  Please arrive 15 minutes before your assigned shooting time, AND NO LATER THAN 10 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR TIME.  You will be greeted at the door (if not, please wait a few minutes, while practicing social distancing, and someone will be right there), and escorted to our large classroom.  There will be ten stations set up (one for each shooter in the 2 separate squads who are shooting at the next hour).  You will be asked to take a seat at one of the stations and only get up for restrooms and to visit either the Load/Unload station or the Safety Area.  You will then return to your assigned seat and stay there until Jim and I come to get you.  Chris George and/or Lee Royse will be our “chaperones” and will be helping with traffic control. 


Once we have completed the safety brief, we will escort all 10 shooters (2 squads of 5 each) into the range.  Once in the ranges, there will be seats and/or shooting booths assigned to each shooter.  YOU MUST REMAIN AT YOUR STATION UNTIL CALLED.  We will run through the briefings and then start shooting by calling up one shooter at a time.  We will then ask 2 of the folks who did not just shoot to help us with taping the targets.  Please remain in your seat or at your booth if you are not called to help. 


We will do this until each shooter has completed that particular stage (the first of two stages).  Then, we will switch sides and do the same thing on the other side (Pistol or Tactical bay) so each shooter can complete their second of two stages.  When you have completed your second stage, we will clear you and allow you to download/gun up, etc. before you leave for the night.  We will do this right there in the range – you will not go back to the Safety Area in the classroom.  This will be done because when you leave the range, you will go directly to your car, you will not be permitted to hang out or wait for others. 


At this point, we should have shooters for the next hour slot showing up and Chris and Lee will take care of ushering them to the classroom, and we will repeat the above steps for the next 2 squads.  We thank you in advance for your strict compliance with these procedures.  Please remember we are doing this so that we can continue to enjoy our sport in a socially responsible manner.  We may need t tweak things a bit, but this is how we will try it this time.  THANK YOU! 


Squads are below, with your assigned shooting time.  PLEASE SHOW UP 15 MIN EARLY.  I have made the best attempt I could to keep couples/families, etc. together, but can not accommodate all requests.  Please refrain for asking to be re-assigned unless I missed a family connection.  Also, please remember that while we are only able to shoot 2 stages, your time commitment has been drastically reduced.  With the exception of the folks who are assigned to the 5pm slots, everyone should have already allotted the required time for a normal match (5:30pm-10pm), so we shouldn’t have any timing conflicts.   Thank you guys so much for your cooperation and understanding.  Let’s have some fun and be safe! 


5PM (#1):

Jim Rockwood

Chris George

Edgar Miller

Ron Holm

Fred Struck


5PM (#2):

Bryan Clark

Lee Royse

John Boettcher

Toni Boettcher

Richard Bristol


6PM (#1):

Dave Howson

Kevin Sheen

Prawin Umin

Jared Reece

Jeremy Keifert


6PM (#2):

Norm Spahr

Frank McCulla

Frank Seibert

Scott Starks

Jeff Simpson


7PM (#1):

Jon Manna

George Mumma

Aiden Mumma

Karen Lies

Michael Lies


7PM (#2):

Howard De Jong

Linda Scott

Steve Hartel

Dave Hellstern

Leo Guaman


8PM (#1):

Adam Consalvo

Mark Michini

Rachael Armendariz

David Trujillo

Isaac Bouchard


8PM (#2):

Matt Krause

Ben Evans

James Lutter

Ryan Veit

Scott Farrell