Pinecone Level 2
2.5 hours

The holster fundamentals class is designed to get shooters comfortable with their handguns and how to properly and safely draw from the holster! This class covers various types of holsters, materials they are made of, and how to choose the appropriate one for you. Students will practice safe drawing techniques in the classroom before moving to the live-fire range to reinforce skills learned in the classroom. Basic fundamentals and marksmanship are not covered in this class and students should have prior training and experience before registering. 

Recommended equipment:

  • Handgun  
  • Sturdy belt 
  • Sturdy holster (No SERPA holsters allowed)
  • 50 rounds of ammunition 
  • Hearing and eye protection.  
  • Limited rentals available. If you do not have a safe holster for the class (a holster that fits the gun and keeps its shape when the firearm is drawn to allow safe re-holstering) you will be asked to either reschedule or you will be able to rent one of our setups for an additional $20. Ammunition must be purchased from the facility if you require a handgun or a rental package.  


 A minimum of 3 students is required to run the class or it may be canceled/rescheduled.