Do you want to build your own AR-15 but not sure where to start or how to do it? The Bristlecone Gunsmith AR Build Experience lets students work one-on-one with our Head Gunsmith in his shop to build a safe, functioning rifle that is one of a kind! 

During the session, students will learn tips and tricks associated with building an AR. They’ll leave with a functioning rifle and the knowledge to do it again on your own! The student will also get range time to test fire the newly built rifle. Some example concepts that may be covered depending on the build and student include checking headspace, learning torque specs, sight/optic mounting with bore sighting, slin adjustment/fitting, parts recommendations, and more!

Required equipment:

  • No experience or tools necessary! 
  • The student will need to provide all parts before the session begins (which will be discussed during the scheduling discussion with the Gunsmith).
  • Bristlecone offers a 10% discount when parts are purchased from the facility!

How to book:

  • Contact the Gunsmith directly at to schedule. The student will need to have a general discussion about goals and required parts when scheduling the session so that we can ensure your parts will arrive in time for the build session.